Highs And Lows

June 23, 2017

{Milo’s first day at the beach and it felt appropriate to bring along his new anchor toy.}

All of last week’s prep for our vacation to Halifax paid off because this week was an absolute joy ride. I spent the first few mornings after I arrived lazing around my mom’s house, sleeping in and unwinding which was glorious, but the rest of the week was jam packed. There were family dinners, wedding location scouting, a trip to the Public Gardens, the beach and to cap it off, Jamie and I took an evening ride on his mom’s new Jet-Ski, which I was admittedly nervous about at first, but it ended up being a ton of fun! I could not have asked for a more fun week. Here’s hoping our last week in Halifax will be just as fulfilling as this one. Have a great weekend, see you Monday!
{The interior of the new Makenew location is absolutely dreamy.}
{Mid-week chocolate chip cookie craving. I baked these and they were honestly the best chocolate chip cookies I’ve ever had!}
{Just a guy and his foraged rhubarb.}
{Scouting locations for our wedding and this spot was definitely a contender.}

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