Highs And Lows

May 12, 2017

{A cocktail filled night with girlfriends for the launch of STK’s new summer menu offerings.}

It feels pretty surreal that it has been four years since I started The Blondielocks. A blog was always something that I saw myself pursuing, but I would never have expected that it would become my full-time job,  take me to the incredible places it has and most importantly, allowed me to meet so many incredible people who I would never have if I’d never started. I am so grateful for each and every one of you who click onto my site every day and are reading and enjoying what I am putting out there. Creating a blog is a ton of hard work and putting out fresh content Monday through Friday is something that, at times, has challenged me to the fullest extent, but I have always been of the mindset that if I am going to create something I am going to give it my all. I truly hope that when you read The Blondielocks it inspires you to “curate a life that is juuust right” as that has always been my goal and will continue to be for as many more years as you all keep reading. I’d like to say that I’m taking the weekend to celebrate but it seems as though I’ve caught the cold that my sweet financ√© has fought all week. Naturally, a little r&r is what’s on the menu for this girl tonight. Have a great weekend, see you Monday!
{Taking in Toronto from the CIBC 32nd floor observation deck.}
{Her Majesty’s pleasure never fails to be the perfect setting for a girly coffee date.}
{Never in my life have I have seen apple blossoms. This view was one for the books.}
{Strawberry-cucumber water and a pretty impressive view for the launch of Covergirl’s new Vitalist Elixer foundation.}

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