Highs And Lows

August 11, 2017

{Pool-like ocean water makes for one happy day at the beach.}

Happy Friday friends! I hope everyone had a wonderful, productive week. Things have slowed down a bit on the work front over here since we’ve been back in Halifax which has been good because I’ve been able to just relax and enjoy this last full month of summer. Surprisingly, for a girl who takes her camera with her everywhere, I’ve left it at home for most of this week hence all the iPhone pictures below. There were lot’s of highlights this week, mostly thanks to spending time with those I love, but in truth and as you know if you follow along, I’ve had a pretty rough summer. Even though it’s been good to be back on the East Coast, I’m still walking around with a feeling I can liken to having the wind knocked out me. I’ve tried to work through it, take steps back and gain perspective but the more I do the more I find myself feeling all the more confused. I hate to be a downer but I think that everyone goes through seasons of their lives that are tougher than others and this season just happens to really rough and shared more publicly. Anyway, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I’m heading to the beach again today and can’t wait to stick my feet in the sand! 
{I think this may be my favourite blonde colour to date thanks to my girl, Devon.}
{The sweetest moment between my youngest cousin and Milo.}
{Love a good statement earring.}
{Outdoor movie night at the Chicken Burger, they played Grease and it felt so nostalgic.}

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