Highs And Lows

October 14, 2016

{Fall blooms in shades of purple and mustard for our Thanksgiving table.}

Short weeks are the best, especially when they follow such a lovely and exciting Thanksgiving weekend. This year our Thanksgiving table consisted of Jamie, my sisters and myself because Jamie’s brother had other plans…aka proposing to his girlfriend of 3 years! There was a ton of excitement in the air but our house was kept pretty low-key. We still put a ton of effort into the food we made and our table setting which turned out beautifully but all in all in was a quiet Thanksgiving spent with Jamie and my sisters. I ended up getting a migraine at the end of our dinner so I did excuse myself from the table early, but while I was upstairs and getting ready to plop myself into bed, I overheard my sisters and Jamie playing this random game they had made up. Lorie would play a jazz tune from her phone and they had to guess the name of it. Raelene was surprisingly killing the game and I was in hysterics upstairs listening to them, migraine or not. Jamie and my sisters treat each other like actual siblings which truly makes me burst with happiness, it’s something I surely don’t take for granted especially because we all live together. I hope you all have a great weekend, see you Monday!
{Pumpkin spice lattés from scratch that were definitely worth the wait.}
{Our Thanksgiving table place settings.}
{Hanging out with the horses at Riverdale Farm on a chilly day.}
{Loving the minimalist vases and marble tables at the Holt’s café.}

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