Family Photos At The Strawberry Field

October 9, 2019

Okay, okay, I know it is fall but I’ve been dying to share these family photos for quite sometime with you and I didn’t want to wait until next summer to do it! We shot these photos back in June with the lovely Terri-Lynn Warren (who is also pregnant with a little gal!) and I can’t believe how much bigger Edwin is now looking back on them. I remember thinking we were never going to get cute photos because we were shooting them right at Edwin’s bedtime and he was basically crying the entire time. Somehow though, Terri-Lynn figured out how to get Edwin laughing and captured those little moments perfectly…I was so impressed! One thing I learned about taking family photos with a baby compared to a newborn is that it is unpredictable so you really just have to go with the flow and make the best of it. I remember feeling a little stressed out when he was fussing but now seeing the photos I realize that I really just needed to chill and trust in the process! They are all fun memories after all and babies will be babies and that is OKAY! 

I’m so happy we have these photos to look back on our first summer as a family. The strawberry field was so fitting for us because strawberries were the first food Edwin ever ate. It was an accident as he literally grabbed a strawberry from my hand and chomped down on it a few weeks prior to this shoot. I thought he was going to hate how sour the strawberry was but he LOVED it. Strawberries are definitely one of his fave foods still, hehe! 

For the shoot, I wore an Emma Knudsen x Jillian Harris dress that is now sold out but Emma still has some gorgeous, similar dresses that I’m a huge fan of. Anyway! I think that’s it from me, I hope you love these photos and it inspired you to get out and take some family photos with your people this fall season. I highly recommend Terri-Lynn Warren if you’re in the Halifax area!

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