Baby Logan #2 Sex Reveal Party

August 27, 2020

In case you didn’t already know via my Instagram, we had a sex reveal party for baby #2 (aka Remix) this past Saturday. I’ve already shared the sex of the baby in this video but in case you didn’t know…we’re having ANOTHER BOY!!! You guys, I wasn’t surprised in the least when we found out we were having a second baby boy! Even though this pregnancy has been exceptionally different, I still felt it in my heart that I was going to be a boy mama again. Do I wish I was having a little girl? Honestly, when I was pregnant with Edwin I did wish for a girl, but after knowing how incredible being a boy mom is, and how much I love him, it truly does not matter to me. Plus, this saves me a boatload of money because I would have been going crazy with girl mom shopping, lol! I’d say 90% of my friends and family guessed I was having a girl but I always said “it’s a boy until proven otherwise” and I was not proven wrong, hehe!

When I was pregnant with Edwin, we were in Toronto when we found his sex, so we did a simple cake cutting at Bobette & Belle and had a few close family members join us on a Facebook Live. This time around, since we’re back in Halifax with (mostly) all of our family, I wanted to throw a big party to celebrate this baby and also just have an end of summer get together. Since COVID is still very real, I knew that there was a possibility of not having this party and the risks. I totally understood if people didn’t want to come and sent a note to the family letting them know that and that they were more than welcome to wear masks, etc. However, we were able to host outside and everyone who was there had already been together since restrictions were lifted. We decided not to invite friends though, just to be on the safer side. It ended up being such a beautiful day and I was so grateful that everyone could come and celebrate this special boy with us. IF we are able to have a baby shower (I think it will depend on COVID again) there will be some family who won’t be able to attend so I was just thankful they were at this party.

Admittedly, I went a little crazy planning this party but I was just so excited to have a party to plan lol! I did, however, plan this slowly over a couple of months so mostly everything was in place except for the cooking of the food, cleaning and setting up the day of. OMG let me tell you, myself, my sisters, mom, Jamie and my cousin were running around like chickens with our heads cut off on the day of the party but isn’t that always the way it goes. Goodness am I ever thankful to have such a huge, supportive, and helpful family. I literally could not have done this without them. 

ANYWAY! That’s enough rambling from me. Keep scrolling to see our backyard sex reveal party and the details that went into it. 

PS: Edwin’s sex reveal cake cutting hereI set up our outdoor table in a pink and blue theme but tried to keep it as tasteful as possible. The flowers from Kokomod really made the entire event pop…she did an incredible job!

Our menu for the evening was all Mexican food. I made a huge pitcher of watermelon margaritas, we had guac & chips, mango salsa, cauliflower tacos, chicken tinga tacos, street corn, and all of the fixings. It.was.delicious.  Side note: I found this letterboard and the lightbox (pictured below) at the Dollarama…what a find!
This little one would not back off the bbq chips. I was so surprised he was eating them as they were a little hot. He even started dipping them in gauc lol!

I can’t say enough good things about the donuts from Buttered Bliss. Not only did she decorate them beautifully in pink and blue, but the flavors were incredible. I could have eaten 6 to myself! We ordered raspberry white chocolate, blueberry lavender, coconut cream, and chocolate sea salt caramel. 

My aunt made this amazing key lime cheesecake and my 11-year old cousin decorated it…pretty impressive right!?
The balloon wall was made simply by purchasing a piece of wooden board at home depot and painting it white. I had Lisa from Scribble and Script design the top (she’s amazing!) and then we filled up the balloons with pink and blue confetti. I had our neighbor take out 1 balloon and then mix them together so no one knew what the sex was. Then we simply taped the balloons onto the wall and got to popping!


And now for the reveal…
You guys, we made it to the LAST balloon on the wall before finding out the sex. I was in disbelief that we were able to pop the whole wall without finding out. The first 4 balloons were BOY so I figured it’d be over quickly but then it went on and on. I ended up having to pop the last balloon directly because my throwing the darts was taking way too long…my aim sucks.
The moment we found out!! 
AND IT’S ANOTHER BOY!!! We could not be happier to be welcoming another sweet baby boy into our lives this winter. YES, we already have a name and NO we are not sharing it until he’s here. Thank you all again for sharing this journey with us, we are so blessed.

Flowers: Koko Mod Floral
Donut: Buttered Bliss
Table Runners: Rented from Beautiful Celebrations
Plates: Superstore
Flatware: Walmart
Napkins: Linen Chest
Candles: Ikea
Candle Holders: Michaels
Balloon Pop Wall: Scribble & Script
Letterboard & Lightbox: Dollaramma

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