April Showers Bring May Flowers

May 11, 2021

Being in lockdown is tough. I miss my family and having that support system in place. With two young kids, there have been more than a few days where I feel overwhelmed. However, one thing that has been keeping my spirits up has been dressing up and getting outside. I always find stepping out into the sunshine and moving my body lifts my spirits, and nothing brightens my day more than seeing spring blooms popping up in our neighborhood. On one of our recent outings, we came across one of the fuller magnolia trees that I’ve seen in our area, and I just had to stop and take some pictures with my little Eller. I have SO many photos with just Edwin, so I thought it would be special to capture Eller and me.

As for my outfit, I’m wearing a blouse and jeans, a perfect combo for being on mom duty, but still, there are definitely a few details that make this look feel more special and elevated. First, the blouse has so many pretty details like the eyelet fabric, flutter sleeves, peplum, and button-down detail (perfect for BF). Secondly, these jeans have quickly become my go-to denim for many reasons including the high waist, where they cut on my leg, and the wash…so GOOD! Lastly, I finished this outfit off with gold accessories from Rellery that truly complete the look. Rellery has some of the prettiest feminine gold jewelry and I was recently gifted a couple of their necklaces. I’m wearing a layered necklace along with the Birth Flower necklace for a bit of a layered, impactful look that still feels very feminine and very me. I have been looking for a simple chain-style necklace I can layer with for a while, and I love that I finally found one that is a double chain. The peony pendant was a no-brainer for me 1. Because I love a pendant necklace and 2. The peony is such a symbolic flower for me in my motherhood journey (you can read why here). I supposed I could have gone with the magnolia pendant for these photos, but I digress, ha! Rellery has so many gorgeous pieces it was honestly so hard for me to choose what I wanted but I am so happy with these pieces that I know I’ll be wearing all of the time. I also think something from Rellery would make such a lovely Mother’s Day present (especially the flower pendants).

This post was proudly brought to you by Rellery

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