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July 29, 2016


1. 6 Travel Goals Every Woman Needs to Make (Darling)
2. Blackberry Margarita Party Punch (Sugar and Charm)
3. How to Wake up With Perfect Skin After a Long Flight, as told by Ulla Johnson (Well + Good)
4. 5 Reasons to Obsess Over ‘Stranger Things’…I know we are! (The Everygirl)
5. 4 Things you Shoulder Never do on Public Wi-Fi (Pure Wow)
6. How to Weave a Basket Planter (Fall For DIY)
7. Why you Should “Weed Out” your Life More Often (Society Letters)
8. 25 Collectables in Your Attic You Didn’t Realize Were So Valuable (Country Living)
9. Science Says Netflix Improves your Relationship For This Interesting Reason (Elite Daily)
10. Love the idea of this eyelet dress with ankle booties for a sweet pre-fall look (Revolve)
11. Another Masterpiece by Monika Hibbs (Monika Hibbs)
12. Lessons on Monetization From a Blogger Turned Millionaire (INC.)

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