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Photo: Ulla Johnson

When it comes to beauty, Ulla Johnson’s philosophy is pretty similar to her elegant and bohemian fashion line.

As a native New Yorker, Johnson spent most of her childhood traveling the world with her archeologist parents, where she developed an appreciation for artisanal and locally sourced natural products, which inspire all of her collections—and now have infiltrated her medicine cabinet, too.

“I’ve always made it a point to know the origins and the maker of all of my fashion pieces, so when I started to see that in beauty products, I was blown away,” she says of her clean beauty aha moment. Although Dr. Hauschka was her first glimpse into the more natural world (her husband brought her a few products after a business trip in Switzerland, she recalls), she’s since immersed herself in Ayurvedic rituals and sought out the newest, coolest small-batch brands.

“I think when things aren’t mass produced, they really work—they feel great, they smell good,” Johnson explains. “There’s just that sense of wellness that’s inherently built into the product.” And ultimately, what pairs better with one of Johnson’s natural fiber-filled fashion collections than a glowing complexion?

We tapped Johnson to share the very best natural beauty products she’s come across in all of her globe-trotting—here are her top five.

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Photo: Dr. Hauschka

1. Dr. Hauschka Skin Care Lip Care Stick, $13.98

I rarely use lipstick and think I’ve tried every lip balm and gloss on the market, but I swear by this one. It never dries your lips out, it seriously stays put, and it smells amazing—if I could pick one thing in the world to bring around with me, this is it.


Photo: Rodin

2. Rodin Olio Lusso Facial Oil, $170

I am a sucker for chic packaging, and all of the Rodin products are so elegant. This oil has such a great texture—it’s super moisturizing and decadent without being too heavy—and, again, an incredible scent. [The founder of Rodin] was really at the forefront of taking something natural and packaging it in a beautiful, elevated, and modern way. It really speaks to me because of what I do with my line—it’s all very thought through.

Photo: Living Libations

3. Living Libations Rose Glow Complexion Mist, $25

I love mists and use them all day long, but this is by far my favorite. It’s uplifting, hydrating, and smells incredible. Especially during the humid summer, it just revives you and wipes away all that city grime and gunk.


Photo: Joanna Vargas

4. Joanna Vargas Bright Eye Mask, $60

I travel a lot and love using these in flight. You look amazing when you land and not road-weary, even after a long-haul flight. I’m not a believer in plastic surgery and I just want to take care of my skin in a really healthy and natural way, so I see Joanna regularly for facials. She gives me these when I’m traveling and can’t come in. It changes the whole way I feel after getting off a plane—even for an overnight flight.


Photo: Tata Harper

5. Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask, $55

It’s so important to do masks every once in a while to scrub off all that old and dry skin. Tata Harper makes some of the best all-natural products, and this mask is at the top of the list for me. It makes your skin just so pretty and glowy. I’ll use it in the morning if I’ve been out the night before.

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