Why You Should "Weed Out" Your Life More Often

I was gazing down at the flowerbed in front of me, fingers tearing through the stale soil, hands rearranging the dirt to make room for new blooms. I hadn’t pulled weeds with my dad in a long time; I had forgotten how rewarding this was.

Out with the old and in with the new, I was cultivating a space that would eventually beget beauty.

Why don’t I weed out my life like I'm weeding out this dead and dried-up flowerbed? I thought to myself, the sting of last night’s conversation still on my mind.

The guy I had been seeing for a few weeks had told me he just started dating another girl. He also told me not to worry, since he wasn't wanting anything serious anyways. Not that I had been too invested, but the possibility of a budding relationship is always a pleasant thought to carry around in the back of your mind.

So here I was, left with the choice between maintaining a relationship I knew would never really begin, or the chance to weed it out and make room for something else to blossom. I took the latter.

I encourage you to do the same.

Weed out the people or things in your life that make you feel less than amazing, that damage your self-esteem, that tell you your best isn’t good enough. Weed out the things that keep you from reaching your full potential, and see the difference it can make in your personal (and your public) life.

Trust me, you were made to bloom into something amazing. You were meant to impact the world with your creative and resourceful mind, but you can't do that until you allow yourself the room you need to breathe and grow.

We will only ever know our true potential when we play gardener in our own lives and help ourselves blossom into something wonderful we deserve to become – something we were created for. Just as weeds get in the way of flowers, negative people and negative thoughts hinder us in our personal journey of growing into who we are meant to be. That growth doesn’t stop when you turn 20, 30 or 40. Life is about continually evolving, season after season, making it necessary to continually evaluate whether the people and things in your life are helping you become what you were meant to be.

When it comes to determining who should be in your life, take a good hard look at those who make you feel amazing. Those who lift you up and support your ideas, tell you “Yes, you can!” and love the bits of your soul that you keep hidden from the world around you. The people that tell you your best is hardly good enough, that you should try harder at something you are passionate about – those are the people that need to be removed from your life. Their toxicity will never help you bloom and will only leaving you second-guessing your worth. And your worth is ever growing.

Getting rid of the negative thoughts in your mind is a bit more challenging, since it’s an internal battle you’re fighting... But it’s not impossible! It starts with recognizing a negative thought when it crosses your mind and training yourself to think more positively. Next time you find yourself drowning in a sea of negativity, grab a piece of paper to write those thoughts down. This will help you weed through those bad reinforcements and help you make room for more positive thinking.

It’s not impossible to weed out your life, but it does take some time and reflection to recognize what is good for you and what is only stunting your growth. It can be tricky, too, as some things that start as a positive may turn into a negative as time progresses. That’s why we need to make time to reassess the people and things we surround ourselves with – so we can grow and blossom into the best versions of ourselves.

Don’t let negative people and negative thoughts suffocate you any longer. You are the gardener of your own life and have the absolute power to weed through what’s weighing you down and make room to grow.  

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