Romping Around This Valentine’s Day

February 5, 2019

Well, I think it is safe to say that my belly has grown substantially since the last time I wore a Smash + Tess romper here on the blog. It’s so funny how big I thought my belly was back when we were in Vermont, but now I look back on those photos and laugh that I thought that. At this point, just about everything on my body is bigger from my belly to my legs, boobs and butt!! It’s safe to say that this Smash + Tess romper is a little more snug, but it is just as comfy and stretchy and pretty much the perfect piece to “romp” around the house in…especially leading up to Valentine’s Day. This particular Smash + Tess romper is a collaboration with Jillian Harris and I’m so excited to be wearing it! You guys know I love me some JH, so when the announcement came that she was partnering with Smash + Tess to create a line of rompers, I was here for it! I ended up going with the Jilly Romper in Pasutto Peach because it felt very Valentine’s Day appropriate, but I also love the “Annie Almond” colour and the long sleeve version of the rompers aka “The Leo Lounger“. Another feature I love about the Jilly Romper are the front buttons that will be ideal for breast-feeding in a few weeks…thanks for that, Jilly! The collection also features rompers for littles which are pretty much the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!

Anyway, you can obviously tell yet again that I love me some Smash + Tess and am always so thrilled to share their collections with you guys! This is likely going to be one of my last, if not my last “outfit posts” before baby comes, so I hope you like the Valentine’s theme and guest appearance my our lil Milo baby… whose birthday also happens to be on V-Day! 

Sending you lots of love! xo


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