Maternity Photos Round 3 and My Third Trimester Update

December 10, 2020

I’m back with the last installment of my maternity photos shot by Marie Roy Photography! We shot 4 looks total and I think that this simple, floor-length boho robe from BHLDN might be my favorite. The robe, wavy hair with a touch of volume, and natural makeup allow these images to stand the test of time, especially the black and white ones, which are my personal faves.

I’m officially 37 weeks pregnant today and feeling it you guys! Although I technically have 3 more weeks until my due date (December 31st), I am definitely hoping this little guy comes early because I am OVER being pregnant. I know that having a newborn is so much work in and of itself, but I could definitely do without all of the third-trimester pregnancy symptoms and sheer exhaustion that I’m currently experiencing.

I’ve been having some light contractions and lots of Braxton Hicks, but this has been the case since my second trimester so I really don’t know if he’ll come early. My OB told me last week that the baby is head down but not dropped yet. This was surprising to me because he feels low. Perhaps he’s just a big boy and I’m a small girl so everything is real squished, haha!

Symptom wise, I’m pretty much having all of the classic third-trimester pregnany symptoms. Tiredness, sore back/hips/pelvis (especially because of the SPD), restless leg syndrome, and acid reflux that has caused me to have a terrible cough that makes me feeling like everyone thinks I have you know what! New to me symptoms from my third trimester that I didn’t have with Edwin are peeing like every 30 mins. If my bladder is even a little full and I cough, I pee a little lol!! I definitely had better bladder control with Edwin! I’ve also got a MAJOR sweet tooth in my third trimester, especially when it comes to breakfast foods. I could eat pancakes or french toast like every day and things like cookies and cake have been major cravings which is funny because I NEVER gravitate towards those types of sweets. I’m also having a bit of swelling in my feet and fingers that I didn’t have with Edwin. It’s not super noticeable to the eye, but I can tell because all of my shoes feel tighter and I had to take my engagement ring off. 

Mentally I am still feeling good. I have a positive mindset and am so enjoying being a mama to a wild little toddler (even on the tough days). There have definitely been times where the physical pain from the SPD has taken its toll on me. I’ve broken down crying both because of the pain and because I can’t do the things I want to but, I think that would be enough to get anyone a little down. Thankfully, I feel an overwhelming amount of support from Jamie and my extended family who have helped me so much with Edwin and have allowed me to rest when I need it. I also do have some anxiety about dividing my time between Edwin and a newborn, but I think that is super normal and I know in the long run the two of them will be the best of friends and I’m so excited to watch their relationship form. Otherwise just changing the way my thought process works and talking out my feelings, fears, and anxieties and not keeping them bottled up has helped immensely. 

Annnnd I think that’s it! I’m super excited to meet baby “E” whenever he is meant to arrive and watch this little family of mine grow!

Hair by Cara MacInnis

Makeup By Naphtali Carlton

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