Coconut Cloud Cake

April 8, 2014

Back in November, my family in Aurora had us over for a delicious dinner, but what followed was the most amazing dessert that I had ever had–a moist and fluffy coconut cake. It seemed so odd to me that I had never eaten a coconut cake before this occasion because it is one of my absolute favourite flavours. After experiencing this heavenly dessert, I was whole heartedly dedicated to coconut cake and I have been wanting to make one ever since. I have had this recipe bookmarked in my browser for months and have just been waiting for the perfect weekend to do so. Since easter is right around the corner, I figured Sunday was the perfect day to make it. I spent the better part of it in the kitchen baking my first ever, not just coconut, but cake in general. I was honestly so proud of the end result. It was just as delicious as I had imagined and my sisters and boyfriend loved it! However, after grating and slicing my finger and thumb on fresh coconut, I highly suggest using the unsweetened bagged stuff because fresh coconut is totally not worth the pain!







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