Highs And Lows

January 5, 2018

{One of my favourite selfies of Jamie and I ever from this New Year’s Eve.}

Ugh, sorry for the late post today you guys! I was planning on having my first Highs and Lows post of 2018 up bright and early but a few this went awry last night and I’m only just getting to it now. What happened you ask? Oh, well we just arrived home in Toronto at 2 am last night to find that our power must have gone out at some point while we were in Halifax. As you can imagine it was freezing at a cool 2 degrees Celsius and what’s worse, OUR PIPES FROZE! So we have NO water and NO heat as of now! I swear, last night was the first night Jamie and I cuddled together and didn’t get sweaty, haha. We were both frozen and honestly I can’t feel my fingertips while I’m writing this post! Thankfully, someone is coming between 4-8 today but it is soooo damn cold in here now and all I want to do is have a hot shower and relax after being in a car for 18 hours. This situation is seriously making me appreciate what I do have though. Let’s just say I am very thankful for being able to keep warm by snuggling up with Jamie, Milo and about 10 blankets last night. Oh, and I need hot tea STAT. I hope you all have a great weekend, stay warm!
{Stopping over at Two if By Sea in Halifax for lattes and what I’d hoped, an almond croissant. Unfortunately, they were sold out so we opted for pain au chocolat and a lemon poppy seed scone instead.}
{The powder room at Bar Kismet makes me feel so happy.}
{This double braid tied with a bow has been my preffered hairstyle as of late.}
{Making a stop over to The Flower Shop in Halifax…if anyone knows where I can find these stools it’d be much appreciated, haha!}

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