Highs And Lows

November 17, 2017

{Heart-shaped sugar cookies on a copper pan for a baking class with Becel.}

Happy Friday friends! Things have been piling up around here lately since the holidays are quickly approaching, but I for one couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunities that have been sent my way the last few months. I have been able to collaborate with so many amazing brands who allow me to share my vision and do what I do best which is something I am extremely humbled over. With the holidays approaching, I’m trying my best to be present all while balancing the work grind. This week, I felt as though I did a pretty good job of that, even cutting the day short yesterday to decorate the house for Christmas. I just love coming into the house all lit up from the Christmas tree and twinkle lights and am looking forward to that for the next month and a half. I hope you all have a great weekend, we’re heading to Niagara for wine tasting with friends we haven’t seen in some time this weekend and I couldn’t be more excited. See you Monday!

{Blooms from an upcoming holiday party blog post with my girlfriend Sabrina.}
{The prettiest set up for calligraphy class with Paula Lee Calligraphy. I failed miserably but had a ton of fun doing so!}
{It’s been a dream of mine to meet Emily Schuman since I was in high school, to bake with her was surreal.}
{Milo not minding the Christmas decorations in the bedroom one bit.}

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