Valentines Day Gift Guide: For Him

January 27, 2015

This morning I rounded up 16 of my absolute favourite Valentines Day gift ideas for the special ladies in your life, but let’s not forget, Valentines Day is about the guys too! I have come up with 12 ideas that are perfect for the gentleman that make our hearts flutter and our knees week. From a guys guy beer flight set to a cute jigsaw puzzle, your sweetie will feel more loved than any man…ever!

1. Because you know he is great & awesome and now he will too with these sayings notebooks! $6/each
2. Because what guy wouldn’t want this beer flight set? $85
3. The sweetest way to tell him he completes you? With this jigsaw puzzle of course! $17
4. A pillow for both of you to love. $45
5. Spark up a conversation with these “burning for you” matches. $10
6. A bluetooth speaker in the perfect shade of Valentines Day red. $170
7.  For the guy who needs a spot to empty his pockets out at the end of the day. $19
8. These quirky boxers are sure to make a silly statement. $22
9. Low ball glasses that are both stylish and masculine. $25
10. You keep his heart warm, now keep his feet warm with Valentines Day approved socks. $17
11. A classic tie clip for the ultimate gentleman in your life. $60
12. Collar stays that will remind him everyday how much you love him. $23

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