The Best Gifts for The Mama to Be or New Mom

November 5, 2020

Before I get started on my annual holiday gift guides (they’re coming so soon!), I wanted to share a little round-up of things to gift the mom to be or new mom. After I had Edwin, I found so many amazing products that I loved to use postpartum that I don’t believe I ever shared. Now, being pregnant the second time around, I’ve found even more great items that I love to use during pregnancy! This isn’t necessarily a holiday gift guide (unless you know someone about to give birth around the holidays) but rather a guide for shopping for the new mom or mom to be. It is SO much fun buying baby items but let’s not forget, mama needs some love too! 

1. Smash & Tess Waffle Knit Robe: Robes are such a lovely present to gift to the mama to be or new mom. After I had Edwin, I immediately put on my robe in the hospital as it was such a cozy and comfortable thing to have on my body. In the newborn weeks following, I wore robes constantly as they were just so easy to get on and off for breastfeeding and not constricting in the least. This waffle knit robe from Smash & Tess is particularly lovely and oh so comfortable! 

2. Saje Diffuser and Goddess Blend: I LOVE using my diffuser at home and this option from Saje will fit perfectly in any home. The Goddess blend is also one of my favorites to diffuse but so are bliss, spa spirit, and liquid sunshine (all perfect options for mama to diffuse). 

3. Chelsea King Scrunchie: I don’t think I’ve worn more scrunchies in my life than since I became a mama. It started when I wore my Chelsea King scrunchie during labour and I have yet to stop wearing them, haha! I LOVE this particular scrunchie because it is cashmere (so soft) and in a neutral colour. 

4. Anointment Push Balm: No one really wants to talk about all of the things that happen to your body pre and post-birth but us mamas know, hemorrhoids and pregnancy go hand in hand and they’re a real BUMMER. This is a great gift to give from one mom to another and it’s an all-natural option that works!

5. Ever Eden Soothing Belly Mask: Looking for a fun and unexpected option to gift to the mama to be? These belly masks are such a great find and one that a lot of moms wouldn’t invest in for themselves. I’ve tried this particular belly mask and it is so much fun to apply and super hydrating. 

6. Aerie Seamless Padded Bralette: I’m not 100% sure on how these bralettes will fair out Postpartum with breastfeeding, but they certainly have been my absolute favorite bras during pregnancy. They are so soft and stretchy and offer support while feeling like I’m barely wearing anything. I also love the colours they come in!

7. Earth Mama Postpartum Herbal Sitz Bath and Perennial Spray: After I gave birth to Edwin, I made it a point to do sitz baths regularly. I love using an herbal sitz bath as it was so soothing and helped speed up the healing process. One thing I also did was make a DIY perennial spray but I am loving that Earth Mama has their own option…one less thing for mama to do!

8. Kyte Pyjama Set: Kyte sleepers are our absolute favoruite to put on Edwin because they are so freaking soft! New mamas deserve that type of luxury as well so I’m so thrilled that Kyte has a pj set in the same soft fabric as the baby sleepers are made in. Bonus: they have buttons so it makes breastfeeding a whole lot easier! 

9. Blume Lavender Blend: I love the idea of gifting a soothing drink. This mix from Blume has calming lavender, coconut milk, and blue spirulina and is formulated to soothe inflammation and settle restlessness which is so helpful for the mom to be or new mom. 

10. Booby Boons Chocolate Chip Cookies: A soothing drink goes hand in hand with a yummy treat! I was gifted these chocolate chop booby boobs (aka lactation cookies) from my sister in law when I had Edwin and they were the perfect snack option to help bring in my milk as well as they tasted SO good! I loved snacking on these while I was breastfeeding and throughout the day in general. 

11. Tiny Zen Memory Mama Necklace: I’ve put this necklace on my gift guides many times but I just love it so much (I literally never take mine off). If you’re looking for an extra special gift to give to the mom to be then this necklace is definitely it. 

12. Ever Eden Golden Belly Serum: Another luxurious gift for the mom to be, this golden belly serum from Ever Eden takes the cake when it comes to tummy rubs. This luxurious blend of multi-correction botanicals strengthens and renews sensitive stretched skin and has the same level of targeted repair that is found in luxury facial serums. Every time I use this serum it feels like an extra special treat.

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