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December 1, 2017

A round-up of my favorite links from around the web this week…

1. An adorable DIY wooden shelf take on a Christmas Tree (A Pair & a Spare)
2. Boozy Apple Cider A La Mode (A Beautiful Mess)
3. I’m sure you know by now but how exciting is Prince Harry & Meghan Markles engagement (CNN)
4. Massive pom-pom topped slippers? Ummm YES! (Aerie)
5. Festive holiday gift boxes from my fave Kitten and the Bear (Kitten and the Bear)
6. How to Clean up and Optimize your Pinterest Account (Studio Bicyclette)
7. Do These Things Now to Avoid Winter Skin (The Everygirl)
8. Christmas Wreath Pavola with Winter Berries (Susana Machado)
9. Can’t get enough of Meghan Markle and here’s another reason why (CTV News)
10.The Most Instagrammable Cocktails in Toronto, written by yours truly (Porter Re:View)
11. DIY Advent Style Olive Branch Wreath (Monika Hibbs)
12. Obsessing over this Instagram feed & his wife’s is pretty great too (KJP)

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