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January 24, 2019

Happy Thursday friends! I’m cutting the week short again as I was simply not feeling sharing two outfits this week. I feel like I have to keep explaining myself as to why I’m slowing down, but I know you guys understand…I think it is just my personal guilt and being so used to posting 5 days a week for the last 5 years. I’m just way too pregnant at this point and it is hard to keep up with creating new outfits/content twice a week that I feel are worth sharing. Okay, enough with the explaining and I’ll try not to anymore since I’m going to start sounding like a broken record pretty soon.

This week has been pretty busy both with work and prepping for baby. I’m 35 weeks tomorrow and starting to feel like our little guy could come at any time. However, I’m still praying for at least a few more weeks to feel ready (technically we still have 5 more but I keep feeling like I’m going to go into labour early). We are starting to tie up some loose ends on the work front and are trucking away on the nursery so that feels good at least. I’ve also slowly been packing mine and little Logan’s hospital bags but I keep over thinking what I need/don’t need. There’s so many thoughts that go through my mind when it comes to having a baby but I think this is all normal and to be expected. Anyway, enough rambling because I could probably go on about my pregnancy/motherhood anxieties FOREVER. I’m definitely going to share a third trimester post soon if only for me to vent, haha!

As always, here are 12 great links I’m loving from around the web this week…

1. This Ikea Ivar hack has to be my one of the chicest Ikea hacks I’ve ever seen (September Edit)

2. The Hottest Baby Names of 2019 So Far (Brit + Co.)

3. Strategies to Develop Better Habits (Verily)

4. I’m coveting so many pieces from the recently launched Farmhouse Pottery x Studio McGee Collaboration (Mcgee & Co.)

5. 4 Daily Yoga Poses to Loosen Tight Hips….I NEEDED this (Camille Styles)

6. Seriously inspired to step up my grazing board game after following this Instagram feed (Sorella Collective)

7. I can’t wait for the Jillian Harris x Smash & Tess collection to drop on Monday…everything is so cute! (Smash & Tess)

8. A teachable moment for those who think unsolicited advances are okay…reality check, they’re not. (Girlboss)

9. I would very much like to be invited to this rose gold and blush themed Galentine’s Day party (Green Wedding Shoes0

10. My friend Jacquelyn shared details from her stunning wedding all week on her blog, and I legit can’t get enough

11. These Whipped White Chocolate Ganache and Strawberry Cheesecake Cream Puffs are the perfect Valentine’s Day desert (Constellation Inspiration)

12. Tips for newlyweds from one of the cutest married couples I know (Rhyme & Reason)

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