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January 16, 2019

Hello friends, I hope you guys are having a great week so far! Last week I cut the week short, ending blog posts on Wednesday with Take Note. However, this week, I do have content lined up all the way until Friday, I’m just a little backwards, haha! I know things have been a little mixed up as of late, but I still hope you’re enjoying the content I’m putting out and baring with me while I’m a little “off schedule”. As always, here are 12 great links from around the web that I’m loving.

1. Doing my small part to ensure you’ve liked the “Instagram Egg” (Word Record Egg)
2. 3-Bean Vegan Tortilla Soup…yum! (Goop)
3. 10 Reasons Why Your Life is Healthier With a Pet (Darling)
4. The sweetest ruffle dress just in time for Valentine’s Day (J.Crew)
5. DIY Velvet Bow Scrunchie (A Beautiful Mess)
6. Materials I’d Rather Be Than “Wife Material” (McSweeny’s)
7. Easy, chocolatey, red velvet cake? YES PLEASE! (Frosting & Fettuccini)
8. 6 Things You Can Do to Feel Better About Yourself When in Doubt (Well + Good)
9. No wonder parents are stressed over how to get their child to sleep (Today)
10. I just purchased this bra and it is SO soft and comfortable (Aerie)
11. Sneak a hidden embroidered love note into his tie this Valentine’s Day (Martha Stewart)
12. Hearth & Hand’s new bedding line is giving me all of the modern farmhouse vibes (Target)

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