September Sunshine

September 11, 2019

Can you guy’s believe we’re already in September!? I know I sure cant…the summer FLEW by but I’m assuming that’s because life with a baby seems to go in the blink of an eye. I still can’t believe my little Edwin Fox is just over 6 months old. Like, where did the time and my newborn go!? I do miss Edwin being to teeny tiny but I have to say the last couple of months with him have been my absolute favourite so far! He has so much personality, is generally the happiest baby and loves his mama sooo much I just can’t handle it. My heart could honestly explode with how much I love him and watching him grow and develop has been the biggest joy of my life. I just feel so lucky he chose me to be his mama.

Anyway! This past weekend Jamie and I celebrated our 1st anniversary but to be honest we didn’t do much. Hurricane Dorian made its way to Halifax and hit us on the exact date of our wedding (September 8th). I couldn’t believe it and was thanking my lucky stars that our wedding last year was the complete opposite of hurricane weather. Jamie and I will be taking a (literal) rain check on our anniversary and plan to do something romantic and super cheesy soon.

Our anniversary ended up being spent inside with a candle lit, playing with Edwin and cooking dinner with my sister. After the hurricane hit there was a bit of damage to our yard but thankfully that was it. The day after Dorian was gorgeous so Jamie, my sister, Edwin and I all went for a beach walk on Crystal Crescent Beach. I had wanted to take photos there but the sun was still too high at the time we were there. However, Jamie and I stopped by a beach on our way home when the sun was a bit lower and grabbed some photos with Edwin. He started getting hungry while we were shooting so I ended up having Jamie shoot some breastfeeding photos which I always love. I never planned on sharing nursing photos while I was pregnant but I’ve come to find them to be some of my favourites and I want to have these memories to look back on. We had a lovely time walking along this random muddy beach and playing around with Edwin and Milo. It felt like the last official day of summer to me and I soaked up every last bit of the September sunshine.

If you can’t already tell, these photos are also edited a bit differently than normal.  My sweet friend Monika Hibbs sent me over her new DAWN presets and I couldn’t wait to try them out! I used the SOFT Dawn preset to edit these and I just love the way it made the photos look. The sun wasn’t setting when we shot these and the preset really made it look like it was, don’t you think? I’m such a fan of Monika and love her work and editing style so I knew that I would love these and I truly do! PS: The b&w photos aren’t part of these presets but Monika does have a gorgeous black and white preset from her first preset pack.

Last but certainly not least, I am wearing my fave new Smash + Tess Saturday Romper in the colour Daisy Denim Blue.I think it is such a sweet colour for fall and I just love it with the white fisherman cardigan. The Smash + Tess fall collection just dropped and I’m also OBSESSED with the Friday romper in this burnt orange colour. SOOO good!

What I’m Wearing: Smash & Tess Saturday Romper (here) Cardigan (similar) // Keds Sneakers (here).

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