Old Hollywood Glamour

July 2, 2013

promblog1As previously mentioned, my sisters prom was last monday (hard to believe). The look that they were going for was very thought out and ended up falling somewhere between old hollywood movie star and 1920’s glamour. Raelene (turquoise dress) wanted to have a modern Daisy Buchanan look. We did this by giving her a flapper headband with a short bob like up-do, art deco heels and jewels. Lorielle (cream dress) wanted to have a classic spin on old hollywood glamour (think Blake Lively meets Audrey Hepburn). Our hair stylist achieved this by creating a pin curl style that fell over one eye and over her shoulder to the side and secured it with sparkly silver clips (great idea). She wore jewellery and shoes in rose gold and nude tones that went perfectly with the patterned texture on her dress. Her arms were full of bracelets and her drop earrings caught the light beautifully. My sisters contrasted each other so well and each look fit their personality to a T. Both of them shone like stars individually but together they literally looked ready for the Oscars.
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  • Faye LeBlanc

    I absolutely adore your eye for detail, and your keen interest in everything that matters…especially the love you have for your siblings. Your mother should be so proud to have raised three intelligent, kind and beautiful young women. Bravo to all of you! – Faye

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