Nude Balance

March 7, 2016

When I first started changing into this outfit I was really excited about pulling off an all nude look, but once I saw myself in the mirror I got the feeling that I was seriously aging myself. I sort of felt like this was a look that Diane Keaton would have worn in the movie The Other Sister and I knew I definitely didn’t want to go for that. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love Diane Keaton’s style but I’m not sure that my 24-year-old self is ready to dress that far out of my age bracket. I took a consensus before I left the house and it was decided that although my look was definitely reminiscent of one Diane Keaton, I was able to pull it off in a much more modern and youthful way. I think it was probably my balancing of proportions and the added addition of a heel but whatever the case I’m glad I stuck it out because I really did end up loving this look.
nude_balance_2 nude_balance_3 nude_balance_4 nude_balance_5 nude_balance_6 nude_balance_7
What I’m Wearing: Coat; Soia and Kyo via Blossom Lounge (here in pebble) // Silk Button Down; c/o Joe Fresh (here) // Pants; Aritzia (similar) // Pumps; Forever 21 (here) // Bag; 3.1 Phillip Lim (here)

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  • Joseph E

    Very stylish and classy. Exquisite taste. Hoping your offering this look to 20somethings catches on. It’s certainly not a dated look.


    Well, you’re welcome!

    Stumbled across your blog while searching for a B&B in Nova Scotia. Enjoyed your impression on the Star of the Sea. Your pictures and shared experience was taken to heart

    Glad to report my wife and I have booked in Ferguson’s Cove for the first three nights and last two nights of our 10 day journey; our belated Honeymoon. We already feel like we know Eva and Tom. And are anxiously awaiting our quiet get-away to NS; Cape Breton and Halifax area!

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