Leather Lace Ups

February 19, 2015


When I was in the sixth grade I fell head over heels for a pair of shiny, boot cut pleather pants that after some serious convincing my mom reluctantly purchased for me. I remember the first time I wore them to school and I was so uncomfortable because the pants just didn’t breathe at all. My legs were sticky and itchy and the pants felt as though they were stuck to me all day. Needless to say when I got home I peeled the pants off, threw them in the back of my drawer and they never saw the light of day again. When I saw these pants at H&M for a cool $7.50 about a month ago I found myself drawn to faux leather pants yet again. Although memories of my previous pleather pant experience came flooding back, I purchased them anyway and I am so glad I did. They took a little working in, but the feeling of the pants are nothing like how I remember from over a decade ago. The lesson learned? If the pants are $7.50…buy them.







8What I’m Wearing: Knit Sweater; Aerie (similar) // Turtleneck; Zara (similar) // Leather Lace ups; H&M (similar) // Heels; Aldo (similar) // Hat; Target (similar) //The Bay (similar)

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