Fleetwood Flare

October 17, 2016

Band tees aren’t something I wear…like ever. The reason being is that I had a traumatic experience back in Jr. High when I wore a KISS t-shirt to school and a fellow classmate decided to quiz me by making me name songs. You see, I actually love KISS, it’s random but I do. But the thing is, when someone takes you off guard and makes you name over 10 songs off the top of your head you go blank (or at least that’s what happened to me). Flash forward over 10 years and I still have a band tee phobia. When I was wearing this t-shirt I was just waiting for someone to be like “name me 10 Fleetwood Mac songs.”  Thank goodness no one didn’t otherwise I probably would have turned around and ran in the opposite direction. My sister bought this t-shirt when we went to the Fleetwood Mac concert 2 years ago and she’s convinced that it has Stevie Nicks powers running through it. I on the other hand just think it looks really great with flared jeans and a blazer layered over top. I also very much regret that I didn’t purchase a Fleetwood Mac t-shirt for myself because that concert was one I will never ever forget.how-to-wear-a-band-tee-2

how-to-wear-a-band-tee-3 how-to-wear-a-band-tee-4 how-to-wear-a-band-tee-5 how-to-wear-a-band-tee-6 how-to-wear-a-band-tee-7
What I’m Wearing: T-shirt; Concert Tee (similar) // Jeans; Joe Fresh (similar) // Blazer; Rag & Bone (similar) // Heels; Express (here)

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