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March 8, 2017

Working from home has its perks, especially because I get to work from home with Jamie who is not only my fiancé but also my BFF. We have a ton of fun spending almost every day together, working side by side and then spending our evenings chilling out, cooking dinner, catching up on TV shows or just hanging out. While some might find that wild, it works for us and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Of course, now and then I make sure to schedule in “me” time because I have always gone off of the mindset that when I’m feeling my best, I’ll be the best version of myself to others. I love taking time out of my week and sneaking upstairs to just hang out with myself, doing all the things that make me feel happy which I’ll share with you below. This year I’ve partnered up with Schick as a #SchickAmbassador to share with you not only their new product innovations but also tips on wellness whether that means taking the time to pamper yourself with a relaxing bath and close shave or getting yourself dolled up for no reason at all. I think that a lot of people think that taking time for yourself means that you’re being selfish but in my opinion that is so far from the truth, which is why I love working with such an empowering brand like Schick and sharing with you a list of ways on how you too can take a little me time for yourself but girl, you deserve it!

At home Pampering: While a day at the spa is great every now and then, it’s not always accessible or economical, which is why I make it a point to give myself a spa-like experience at home once in a while. Because it does take some time to do this I’d recommend a slow Sunday where you know you have a few hours to spend with yourself. My at home spa day always starts with a long hot shower or bubble bath where I can really unwind. I usually give my hair a good shampoo and a leave in mask while I exfoliate my entire body. After I’ve washed my hair mask out and I’m finished exfoliating I’ll move on to shaving. I have always been the person who loves taking time to shave a few times a week as opposed to opting for waxing or laser hair removal, I’m not sure why but it’s the truth! I am a fan of Schick products because there is really something for everyone. Typically, I’ll use the Schick Hydro Silk or Schick Hydro Silk TrimStyle, but lately, I have been liking the lightweight feel of the new Schick Quattro YOU disposable razors. They come in two varieties, Peace of Mind for sensitive skin (my preference) and Exotic Violet Bloom which leaves a subtle scent on my skin. Both products have 4 ultra-thin razor blades that offer up the closest shave so that I can skip a day or two. After my shaving regimen is complete, I’ll finish up by washing my body with a “special” body wash (usually one that’s more expensive that I only use every once in a while) and also a quick steam of my face with a hot facecloth to prep for a mask. After my shower, I’ll typically continue with a hydrating mask and a manicure pedicure for good measure…now to just find a masseuse!

{Schick Hydro Silk (my favourite razor) with new packaging and a fun purple handle + in shower refills.}

Curling Up with a Good Book…and Milo: Truth be told, I’m not much of a reader so when I say “curling up with a good book” what I really mean is browsing through a design or cookbook, reading a lifestyle magazine, listening to a podcast or watching a movie. Whatever “curling up with a good book” means to you, do it! Typically, I’ll snuggle into bed wearing a pretty robe or PJ set, light a candle, grab a glass of wine and enjoy my me time (with Milo). Speaking of putting on a pretty robe or PJ set, I am a firm believer that things, like getting dolled up or putting on some sexy lingerie are mood boosters and should be done for ourselves as often as possible!

Quick Fix: If I can’t give myself a whole spa experience at home, one way that I’ll take some mid-week me time is by giving myself a manicure with a fast-drying polish and a quick, close shave with the Schick Intuition. The Schick Intuition offers up four blades surrounded by a Skin Conditioning Solid that lathers and moisturizes without shave gel and gives me the quickest shave possible.

Buying Myself Flowers: The last way that I treat myself is with flowers. If you know me or read my blog frequently then you know that I have quite the love affair with fresh blooms. I never need an excuse to have an abundance of them in our home because they make instantly make me feel happy. I usually go to the flower market once a week and pick up blooms to create arrangements with but I am also lucky enough to have so many florist friends who are often very generous with their beautiful arrangements. Going one step further, I often take me time by purchasing blooms and arranging flowers for about 45 minutes during the weekend, there’s just something about playing with flowers that calms my soul and levels me out.

{The Schick Hydro Silk Trim Style with Hydra-Boost Hypoallergenic Moisturizing serum & trimmer}

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