How to Deal With Comparison

March 15, 2017

The latest installment from Blare June:

It is not uncommon in the world of social media to periodically get down and out when comparing oneself to another’s highlight reel. Instead of looking to other feeds for inspiration, we can sometimes be left feeling overwhelmed and discouraged instead. Whether it is the endless travel photos posted or the never-ending flawless selfies, social media can be that constant reminder that someone else appears to have it all….key word being ‘appears.’ 

Although I am not immune to the occasional game of self-comparison, I do have a few tricks up my sleeve that has saved me a lot of self-doubt. If you regularly follow this series you may already know that in addition to being a blogger I also work in the field of psychiatry. The reason why I found myself in this field of work was due to my longstanding fascination with stories. Ever since I was a young girl I loved to read, watch films and write stories for fictional characters. There is something about each individual living a unique narrative that keeps me intrigued day after day.  

Yes, your right, some people have it easier than others. Heck, even the mere fact of being born in our country sets one up for a better life. However, regardless of what life circumstances or experiences you have encountered, what is really interesting is that everyones story and life path is unique to them.

I get it, it’s tough seeing someone ‘appear’ to have it all, especially when you are busting your butt off to make whatever you are working towards happen. Below are 3 simple tips I find helpful when feeling the repercussions of self-comparison. 

1. Understand your own path

When we understand our own path in life and appreciate our own gifts and strengths, we often worry less what others are doing. To think that there is no other ‘you’ in this world is pretty darn cool if you ask me. When I am feeling down and out, I reflect on the mere fact that my path in life will be perfect the way it will be as it is unique to me and no-one in this world shares the same story. 

2. Celebrate others

If you ask me, embracing this tip is the most beneficial for managing self-doubt. Celebrating another individual’s successes and achievements not only will result in you feeling better internally (jealously feels icky) but you may have the opportunity to unite together. Although we are all mighty on our own (I’ve never met a woman whom isn’t strong), we are almost unstoppable when come together. Ask the individual you may envy for advice or to meet up for a quick chat over coffee. We can accomplish so much more when we unite and celebrate each other. 

3. Take a break

Although I recommend trying tip 1 and 2 prior, sometimes our precious minds need to take a break. If you find yourself feeling blue and not able to remain positive on your own path, then it may be time for a time out. There is nothing wrong with signing off your social media for a week or two or even deactivating your account all together.  What is important is that you get to a place where you understand you, your path and all the beautiful things you bring to this world. 

How do you deal with self-comparison? Let us know in the comments below, we would love to hear!
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