Highs and Lows

April 25, 2014


{Florence Macdonald}

Only 5 weeks after loosing my boyfriends grandfather, it was quite the shock to hear that once again we would be flying home to Halifax for the funeral of Florence, my boyfriends grandmother. Florence suffered from Alzheimer’s for many years, and we had been preparing ourselves for this day for quite a while, but no matter how much you prepare yourself for loosing someone, it is never easy to wrap your head around. Although I wasn’t lucky enough to know Flo when she was in her best years, I am grateful I was able to see her smile and receive her hugs and kisses on the cheek every time I visited her over the last six years. I truly believe that in some way Flo knew that her husband was gone and that she wanted to be with him. I believe that their love was so strong, that even after 61 years of marriage, their unbreakable bond could not keep them apart for too long. I feel truly blessed that I was able to know both Florence and Aubrey and have so much love in my heart for them. They are at peace and together now, and that gives me so much hope for the future. My heart and mind is open, and I hope that their little love story inspires others to feel the same. Have a great weekend everyone, see you Monday.

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