Highs and Lows

April 8, 2016

{Milo makes doing laundry a whole lot cuter.}

With Jamie working 5 days a week 12 hours day and me running my blog 7 days a week things can get tough in the quality time department. We’ve been trying harder to make the weekends “our time” which has honestly been such a great way to re-connect at the end of the week and keep things from feeling too stagnant. This weekend we’re going to go check out the ROM’s tattoo exhibition which I’m really looking forward too. But I did have the weirdest dream last night where Jamie came home from work with a ton of the most random tattoos all over his arms, so I’m hoping he doesn’t get any crazy ideas while we are there, haha! I hope you all have a great weekend, see you Monday!
{Sweet treats from EOS and Bobette and Belle.}
{The interior at Medulla & Co. is so inspiring, loved getting my hair done here. }
{Ping pong date night}
{Looking forward to teaching myself some strobing techniques with this gift from NYX.}

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