Highs and Lows

June 7, 2013


My apologies for the delayed post, I have had a very busy week and did not have a chance to get to it.
This week has been exceptionally great. I really have no lows to mention. My week consisted of a day trip to Mahone Bay with my family, laying in the sunshine, finding some pretty jewellery supplies for an upcoming DIY project, and ended with a fun night out with friends. I also have to mention that two of my pictures for my highs are delayed and will be added either this evening or tomorrow. But for now, here are my highs for the week. Enjoy your weekend!

A cut-out sequins hat from the 1920’s that I purchased from an amazing little vintage shop in Mahone Bay, (Peacocks Vintage) that I will be doing a post about in the following weeks.

Basically what I did all week when the weather permitted hanging out on the deck eating Watermelon and Avocado.

I love this idea! A sand filled wooden holder with pewter moldes of sea creatures.

The smell of lilacs is everywhere, and it just so happens I wes wearing Essie’s “lilacism” nail-polish on this day!

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