Highs and Lows

January 24, 2014

{A mid week treat-multiple flavours of macarons.}

Can I just start off by saying that thank goodness it is Friday and I can look forward to this weekend starting fresh on Monday. This week was full of mixed emotions that I stuffed down by eating macarons and buying flowers. I also baked bread, which I was extremely proud of and will be posting on Tuesday! What is everyone up to this weekend?  Carb loading and watching the Grammys is definitely on my list!

{The geological exhibit at the ROM gave me all kinds of colour inspiration for my office decor!}

{Brightening up our home with some pretty pink flowers.}

{Inspiration straight from the ROM- A pink geode now used as a paper weight.}

{The most beautiful statement necklace complete with 26 diamonds and 306 turquoise gems.}

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