Highs and Lows

November 15, 2013

{Grace facing with the one and only Grace Helbig at Buffer Fest.}

My mind is officially in the holiday spirt this week. The weather has significantly dropped, the stores are filled with christmas presents and music, and we are decorating our place tonight! I love everything about this season (besides the packed malls) and I am so excited to be going home to Halifax in less then a month! Until then, Christmas lists are getting checked off and holiday posts are coming your way next week! Have a great weekend everyone, I hope you squeeze in a gingerbread latte…or two!

{My sister snuck in a snap of the sun setting while shooting an outfit post.}

{Yes, I was extremely excited about the holiday flyers. Chapters/Indigo is my fave!}

{Late night dinner at Mercatto with the girls from school. I loved the wine rack and wine barrels.}

{Of course, the holidays would not be complete without the giant signature reindeer statues at the Eaton Centre.}

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