Highs and Lows

August 9, 2013

highsandlowsAll in all this week has been pretty great. It felt like the perfect balance of time spent with the ones I love and time spent at work or doing something productive. On Monday evening, my aunt, uncle and cousin had my sisters and I over for dinner that included appetizers, salad, salmon and a delicious cake that my aunt gave me the recipe to. She also gave me the sweetest picture of a quote from Winnie the Pooh that reads “Some people care too much, I think it’s called love.” On Wednesday my other aunt, cousin and sisters all went to Fisherman’s cove and spent the day looking in the cute little shops and walking along the boardwalk. I just love when weeks work out like this, because as the summer is winding down and I’m getting ready to go back to Toronto, I will have these memories to last me until I’m home again.
1-1{Shrimp appetizer and coasters of Central park at Chez Aunt Judy.}

2-1{Fizzy (non alcoholic) drinks served in wine glasses, naturally.}

3-1{My aunt and cousin have been making flowers out of gum paste for cake decorating recently, and I got to give it a try!}
4{A beautiful going away present from my cousin; a bracelet so we will always have a piece of Halifax with us, and a beautiful quote written by her.}

5{The view of Fisherman’s Cove from the boardwalk.}

6-1{My new favourite jeans that I purchased on sale (also available here) as a transitional fall item.}
7{End of the week treat; lobster roll from Fredie’s.}

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