First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage, Then Comes…Our Biggest Announcement Ever!

September 17, 2018

Hello my friends! It feels like FOREVER since we’ve last spoken and what’s even more is that clearly, I’m back from my wedding break with a HUGE, life changing announcement. If you haven’t guessed by this blog title or by the photos then here we go…I’m pregnant! Oh my goodness even typing this out is getting me so emotional…are those my pregnancy hormones? Are you guys surprised because we sure were when we found out back in early July! If you’re trying to do the math then let me help you out, I’m a little over 16 weeks pregnant!

This has been one of the hardest secrets I’ve ever had to hold onto, especially when I started to show a couple of weeks ago and still needed to squeeze in one more outfit post before I took a wedding holiday. While it was so hard to keep this secret, on the other hand it was also kind of nice to not share such a big, personal thing with anyone but our closest friends and family. To be honest, I am nervous and anxious to be to sharing this news with you because it is such a life-changing, intimate journey.

Jamie and I are so so so happy and feel truly blessed that we are able to have children, but because this is something we weren’t planning, I personally feel like I am still navigating my way through being pregnant. I’m sure every woman feels this way with their first pregnancy though, planned or not. It’s such a foreign experience and I had no idea what to expect, but boy am I ever learning. Luckily, there are so many amazing tools out there that I’ve been utilizing like books, apps and of course, the women I look up to who have children of their own. On that note, I’m going to share a more detailed post on things I’ve learned and my first trimester next week, but today’s post is more about this announcement and easing my way back into this here blog so I’m not going to get into too much detail juuust yet. Please leave me any questions you have below or in an e-mail and I’ll be sure to answer them in next weeks post.

I feel so lucky to have this space to share these incredible, life-changing moments with you guys, and I truly hope that you will continue to read the blog and follow me during this next chapter of our lives. I also want to take a moment to acknowledge those out there who are struggling with fertility. I am so sensitive in posting this announcement because of all the incredible, strong women that I know and follow who I see struggling. I just want you to know that while I haven’t personally dealt with fertility struggles, I still see you and feel for you so hard . I’ve cried so many times reading and following other women’s journeys and just want to hug each and every one of you. I know it doesn’t change anything, but I always imagined that getting pregnant wasn’t going to be in the cards for us, and so for it to happen so unexpectedly feels like a miracle and one that I don’t take for granted in the slightest.

And I think that’s it for today…information overload or what!? I have another huge announcement coming up tomorrow that ties into this announcement, so it’s an exciting week around here to say the least. After the announcements, things will be going back to normal on the blog except my outfit posts are going to transition with my growing belly and I’m going to slide in a pregnancy post here and there. For now, I hope you love these photos because I know we sure do. When He Found Her aka Reid Lambshead, our wedding photographer, shot these photos for us the day before our wedding. Because he was in Nova Scotia, we knew that it would be the perfect opportunity to have this special time in our lives captured by our favourite photographer. These photos are so special to us and i know photos we’ll treasure forever. Thank you, Reid, for capturing this moment so beautifully and authentically

What I’m Wearing: Aritzia Sweater (here) // Aritzia Dress (here) // Madewell Sandals (here)
James is wearing: Banana Republic Sweater (here) // Gap Jeans (similar)
Milo’s Hound Collection harness and leash

Photography by When He Found Her

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