Down by the (Mahone) Bay

June 12, 2013

mahonebay1 My family and I have been to Mahone Bay countless times. In fact, it has slowly started to become one of those traditions you don’t even realize is a tradition until you find yourself back in the same spot, at the same time year after year by complete coincidence. On this particular trip, we found ourselves back looking at the same old stores, and discussing amongst ourselves how over priced some of these “vintage” shops are. Becoming somewhat tired and hot (and sweaty) we started to make our way back down the road, stopping for a brief second to take a few family photos. It was at this time we looked to our left and noticed a sign that said “Peacocks Antique-Vintage.” How was it that we had never noticed this sign before? I mean, we had walked this street about 15 times privy to this. As we were still looking for prom accessories for my sisters we decided to make our way up the long driveway to a little green house with blue trim and a white screen door. Upon entrance we were greeted with the smile of a lovely lady in a bright yellow coat by the name of Jill. She was honestly the nicest lady we had come across in all of our trips to the Bay. She was genuinely interested in what we were looking for (clutch purse and jewelry) and she wanted to share all of her stories of how she acquired her vintage finds. She knew all about the history of fashion, and had a story behind basically everything in her store, and there was an abundance, (every dresser drawer in her shop filled with jewelry). She was one of those people you come across and are amazed by how much they love what they do. We ended up going on a treasure hunt of her shop and learning about things like steam punk, which Jill says is one of those things that, when you hear it, you’ll hear it all the time (she was right). We ended up finding a beautiful beaded, cream coloured clutch for one of my sisters and a pair of drop earrings for the other. I found an amazing sequin hat (seen here) from the 1920’s that made me feel like Daisy from The Great Gatsby. What I loved about Jill, was that she seemed almost shocked that anyone would want to purchase her pieces (that really are treasures), and that she was genuinely sad to see them go. However, she felt satisfied that they were going to a good home. Her final words to us were, “and don’t forget ladies…STEAM PUNK”. Thank you Jill, for taking us back in time and mesmerizing me with your knowledge and love for what you do. Enjoy the photos! mahonebay13 mahonebay8 mahonebay3 mahonebay12 mahonebay6 mahonebay4 mahonebay11 mahonebay2 mahonebay14 mahonebay7 mahonebay9

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