DIY: Nautical Striped Sunglasses

July 23, 2014

If you are like me, then when it comes to sunglasses you purchase them and then a few weeks later lose them or perhaps break them. For this reason, I don’t tend to purchase very expensive sunglasses unless I make a commitment to myself to take very good care of them. One thing I noticed the other day when organizing my sunglasses was that a lot of them were similar in shape and colour (tortoise-shell is a weakness). I decided to spruce one of my very old and very cheap (probably $10) pairs up with an easy striped design. They turned out really cute and are now the perfect nautical pair to throw in my bag for a trip to the beach.

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Step 1: Tape around the sunglasses with painters tape or washi tape the area you want to paint. This will also ensure straight lines at the end. 4

Step 2: Paint your first coat with nail polish making sure to try to get smooth lines. You will have to do about 3 coats, letting each one try fully before beginning the next. 5

Step 3: Remove your first bit of tape and then re-tape where you want your second line to be. Unlike me your should also tape at the end of where your first line ended to get the straightest possible lines. 6


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