DIY Modern-Boho Wedding Hairstyles

June 19, 2018

With a little less than 3 months until our wedding, I’m at the point where I’m starting to nail down details for how I want my bridal look to feel. After recently taking the “Makeful What’s your Wedding Style?” Quiz and learning that I’m a modern bride with a hint of boho sensibility, I knew that I wanted my look to reflect that. While in truth, I am hiring a professional to style my hair and do my makeup, I thought that it would be fun to share how I would style my hair if I were to do it myself. I’ve always found styling and braiding my hair to be relatively simple, but when it came down to a DIY wedding hairstyle, I felt a little intimidated to come up with a how-to guide that wold be shared without any help. I decided to enlist the expertise of my friend, Aylin, from Cabello by Carolina, who is amazing when it comes to not only styling hair, but teaching along the way. Together, we came up with 2 approachable modern-meets-boho hairstyles that anyone can achieve. Both of these styles would work wonderfully for either a bridal hairdo or wedding guest style. I love that they both look unique and intricate but in reality, they’re very simple to do on yourself. Keep reading to see how to get these looks for yourself.

PS: Be sure to head on over to Makeful, and take the “What’s Your Wedding Style?” Quiz as well as find even more DIY inspo and hair tips like these no-heat braided hairstyles Bold Boho Crown-Braid: How to get the best looking braided crown in 5 easy steps!
1. Add some texture to your hair. It will hold the braid a lot better and when you want it to look bigger, thicker and fuller this is a simple and easy technique to do. Using a straightener or wand, add some loose waves to your hair.

2. Part your hair off to the side. Create a deep side part, even more than you’d typically do.3. Start from the side part braiding across your head, continuing towards the back until you ‘run out of hair.

4. You will end up with a ‘side braid’. Tie the braid with a small hair elastic, and wrap it into the rest of your hair. It should connect to the side part.

5. Pin the side braid into your hair and spray.Tips To make your braided crown look bigger, gently pull the braid as you go along OR wait until you are done braiding and then gently pull the braid out little by little. You don’t want to pull too much of it out or it will feel too loose.Half-up Twisted Bohemian: We all love an easy, yet super chic hairstyle. This easy to do, yet very chic hairstyle is so fast and simple you’ll want to wear it every day!1. Section your hair into 4-6 sections. Using a straightener (or wand) loosely curl your hair section by section. (Pro tip: start at the bottom and back of your hair)

2. Take 4 small sections, from the front of your head. These will be the pieces of hair you will put up.3. Twist a small section of hair, bring it back and across the back of your head.

4. As you twist, gently pull on the section to make it look a bit messy.

5. Secure it with a bobby pin.

6. Do the same for the other three sections.7. Run your fingers through the waves once again, and spray*.

*You might have some pieces that stick out, so just re-curl them and again run your fingers through the waves so you can have the perfect looking beachy, bohemian waves.Tips: After twisting each section, give it a quick and light spray so that it will stay in all day, and so it’s easy to wear with a veil. The best beach waves are when you don’t use a lot of hairspray. When you finish putting your hair up, just give your hair ONE good spray and trust me you’ll be good to go. Use a flexible hold hairspray for the waves.

This post was proudly brought to you by Makeful. Hair by Cabello by Carolina.

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