DIY: Decorative Sharpie Mugs

January 7, 2014


The holidays have come to a full halt now and resolutions have (hopefully) be set in place. Something that many people will put on their resolutions list is trying new things, particularly crafts. One DIY idea that will ease any do it yourself newbie into it are these simple and sweet sharpie mugs. This particular mug was made as a Christmas gift for my aunt who we have always called Aunt T. We used a fun play on words to make this gift but any picture or saying would work just as well. If you plan on making these mugs as a gift I suggest picking out some loose leaf teas, or coffee and packaging them up in a unique way as shown below. Heres how we did it, I hope you find some inspiration to create your own personalized mugs!

2 copy





7 copy

8 copy



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