Blueberry Acres

August 5, 2020

This past weekend my family and extended family (including aunts and cousins) all went blueberry (and sort of raspberry) picking at Blueberry Acres. It was so lovely to get out and enjoy a leisurely activity with family that I hadn’t spent time with in quite a while. Taking Edwin to experience blueberry picking for the first time was also such a joy. My little blueberry boy picked up on the activity rather quickly and basically ate two quarts of blueberries…and I’m not exaggerating! We actually had to wrangle him a few times to keep him away from the blueberries because I was worried he was going to get sick, haha! I brought my camera because I knew I wanted to document the experience, but I wasn’t actually planning on sharing a blog post. However, I just loved how these photos turned out and wanted to share! I didn’t really dress up but I did coordinate my striped linen shirt with Jamie’s and Edwin’s overalls, obviously lol! I also recently picked up these shorts on sale at Aerie and I have been loving them as they have an elastic waistband that fits my bump. Otherwise, everything else I am wearing is old but I’ve linked similar items below in case you like this comfy casual look. 

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