A Few of My Current Beauty Favoruites

November 23, 2020

It has been a minute since I’ve shared a current beauty favorites post. In fact, I think the last time I did was before Edwin was born, which was almost 2 years ago! Where has the time gone!? In reality, after I had Edwin, I put many blog series on hiatus because I simply didn’t have the time. Especially when it came to beauty, I stuck to what I knew and loved because I didn’t want to fuss with new products. However, with a more independent toddler, comes more free time to play around with beauty and for months I have been meaning to share these finds. Some of the products are newer, like the Oral B iO, while others have been around for a while and are new to me favorites. All of them though, are fantastic products that I encourage you to try for yourself! Funnily enough, I’m resurrecting this series just in time to bring another baby into the world and have my blog content and schedule turned upside down again, haha! It’s likely this will be the first and last of this series for a while…but time will well!

Grace & Stella Spray All Day Rose Spray: I have always used a hydrating facial spray on my skin after applying makeup as I find it gives my skin added hydration and leaves my makeup looking more dewy and not caky. I’ve been a loyal user of Caudalie’s grape water for years and only recently switched to this Grace and Stella Rose Spray that was gifted to me after running our of old faithful. My sister, who loves anything rose, was my reasoning for giving it a try because she swears by beauty products that include rose. After using this spray multiple times, it’s safe to say that I’ve found another facial mist that will be my go-to along with Caudalie’s. Not only do I use this as a makeup setting mist, but I also love to spray it directly on my skin after cleansing my face (like a toner). I love the feminine rose scent of this spray and the added hydration it offers. Also, the pretty pink colour and packaging don’t hurt either!
Oral B iO Series 9 Electric Toothbrush: If there is one thing that you NEED on this list then let it be this toothbrush (also such a great Christmas gift!). Jamie and I have both used an Oral B electric toothbrush for a few years now and recently had dentist appointments wherein our hygenist specifically let us know that she can tell we use an electric toothbrush. That’s how much of a difference they make! While we were happy with our previous toothbrushes, we felt like it was time for an upgrade and recently switched to the Oral B io Series 9 after they were gifted to us. and OMG you guys I am obsessed. The first night I used this toothbrush I could not get over how delicate it felt on my teeth (I used the sensitive setting) while still giving my teeth/mouth the cleanest feeling. The toothbrush was also noticeably quieter than our previous electric toothbrush which I found to be a nice change. The brush features a sensor that shows me a green light when I am brushing correctly and a red light when I am brushing too hard. As well, there is a timer on the screen that lets me see exactly how long I’ve been brushing for which I appreciate. Lastly, I love the slim, sleek look of the iO and that there is a magnetic base, which I’ve personally found to have helped with keeping it cleaner. The Oral B iO also comes with an app that can track your brushing habits which is super cool but TBH I haven’t checked it out yet!
Love Hair Volumizing Dry Shampoo: I don’t know about you, but I certainly don’t have the time to wash my hair every day or even every second day for that matter. Dry shampoo is a necessity in my beauty regime and I “love” this option from Lové Hair. This all-natural, paraben, sulfate, and aerosol-free dry shampoo applies and blends in easily and leaves my hair feeling refreshed and lifted. While it is a relatively small bottle it has lasted me forever and again, how adorable is the packaging?
ever eden Nourishing Stretch Mark Cream: I’ve mentioned the brand ever eden quite a few times since I began using it a couple of months ago. It has definitely been the #1 skincare line I’ve used during both of my pregnancies and I only wish that I’d started using it sooner. This stretch mark cream in particular is sooooo hydrating and nourishing and I look forward to applying it every evening. It’s also made of all-natural ingredients and free of any icky things. One personal thing I’ve noticed about this cream too is that I have a feeling of nostalgia every time I use it. The smell reminds me of something pleasant from my past, but I can’t quite put my finger on it (which is slowly driving me crazy!). I’d also recommend this cream to anyone who is PP or who has stretch marks that often feel tight or dry. I know that stretch marks can sometimes be uncomfortable even months or years down the road and this cream will absolutely help soothe that feeling.  
The Ordinary Serum Foundation: I use SO many The Ordinary Products and swear by them, so when I found out they launched a serum foundation I was so excited to try it! This product costs me under $8, which is still hard to believe considering the foundations I previously used were upwards of $50. And guess what? I prefer this foundation over all of them (unless I want to do a more full coverage look). However, since quarantine began back in the spring, I’ve found that I putting heavy foundations on my face was bothersome and annoying. This light serum foundation became my go to because It effortlessly blends in with my fingers, covers any redness or pigmentation issues while still leaving my skin looking and feeling like skin. I can’t say enough good things about this product! 

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