welcome to our home part II

October 2, 2013

{I love that our bathroom sink and counter is big enough for each of us to have a roomy side. Mine is filled with the products I use most (perfume, moisturizer, etc.) and this mini beach treasure set my mom gave me for my birthday.}

Continuing with our home tour from last week I wanted to move along into our bedroom and bathroom. As there still is a bit of our home that you’ve yet see (sister’s bedroom’s, bathroom and basement (or office)) I will make sure to post more pictures in the near future. But for now our bed, bath (not beyond) will do. For our bathroom and bedroom we wanted to stick with keeping everything white and shades of grey. As the walls are already white there wasn’t much work to be done on that front. We are actually going to keep all of walls white for now as we feel it keeps the rooms looking more open and clean. The shades of grey are used more as accents through sheets, rugs, trays etc. Everything is still coming together and I intend to work more on this place throughout the year but for now I hope you have enjoyed our mini home tour and have inspired you with a few ideas!

{this chevron rug from west elm, it gives a nice print to an otherwise plain bathroom.}

{The fact that we bought this vintage looking wood bin from value village for under $10 was insane. We use to roll fresh white towels for easy pickings.}

9{Our windowsill holds two candles from West Elm with our initials on them and seashells that we picked up on beaches in Aruba.}


{I am so in love with this lamp my boyfriend found at Winners Home Sense (I have a really big obsession with branches and antlers so he knew I’d be all for it).


{On my dresser I use trays to display my jewellery and sunglasses, on top of the tray I put different size, colour and textured bowls, plates, vases, etc to organize it all. These lucite trays are from CB2 and all of the little bowls are either from West Elm or Crate and Barrel


{In the corner of our room sits a vintage chair that I was told was pulled out of a barn (maybe an exaggeration). I enjoy how the paint is chipping and there are some rust spots, I think it gives it character. On Top sits another tray from West Elm, an antler (obviously), and two vintage hats from the 1920’s from here.}

{Sticking with the white and grey theme is our bed that is just that.}

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  • Kendra Crummey

    I love how much you have from Amos Pewter! They’re such a wholesome little company 🙂
    Also your displays are my dreams. I’m still very much in a function over finesse mood when it comes to my own personal spaces, but everything you do is how I hope to somehow have my life organized.

    • Aw, thank you so much for the sweet compliment! I love Amos Pewter, being from Halifax I always feel like I have a little piece of home with me when I wear it. 🙂
      Our home has changed A LOT since this post, we actually don’t even live in this space anymore! I’m definitely still displaying my jewelry in a similar way though.

      xx Kaylee

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