Apple Crisp

October 1, 2013

When trying to decide what kind of apple desert I wanted to make after going apple picking I looked at a few options. Apple pie almost beat out the crisp but after a vote from my sisters and boyfriend, the verdict was ultimately apple crisp. I was pleased with this choice as I definitely do not consider myself much of a baker and I would have been nervous about making my first pie from scratch (I have pie dough chilling in the fridge but have yet to attempt the actual pie). I figured that apple crisp would be simple but still effective as who doesn’t like the crunchy, warm cinnamon flavours that apple crisp lends to your taste buds? I found this recipe on Martha Stewart’s website and it was a complete winner. The crisp was just that…crisp, brown sugary and buttery, a flavour that blended so well on top of the warm apples and cinnamon. This recipe is now going to be my go to for an easy (well mostly easy) fall dessert. Yet, I am still hoping to get around to that pie (and caramel apples) in the next couple of weeks!
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