Vermont Travel Diaries: Stowe Vermont

November 7, 2018

After finishing up in Woodstock, Vermont, Jamie and I packed up our belongings and hit the road again to Stowe. I’d heard great things about Stowe and since it was located on our way back to Toronto, it made the most sense to book the last 4 nights of our Vermont honeymoon there. I booked us a room at Field Guide Stowe, a Lark Hotel. I had loved our stay at the 21 Broad Hotel while in Nantucket this past summer, and by the looks of Field Guide, I knew that this was going to be the perfect place for us to kick back for the next few days. Stowe is definitely the place to be if you’re into things like scenic drives, hiking, skiing in the winter and really anything outdoor related. While I would have liked to partake in more activities like hiking while there, it was too hard for me with being pregnant. However, if I ever do get back to Stowe I’m going to take full advantage of all of hiking trails and mountains. Nonetheless, Stowe was an incredible, laid back place to spend a few days in. I loved the scenery, quaint shops and cafes and again, the people in Vermont are so sweet! Keep reading to see what we got up to in Stowe. 
Jamie and I spent an afternoon driving up Mount Mansfield which is the highest mountain in Vermont. I absolutely loved the thrill of driving up this massive mountain and the views were unbeatable. It was freezing at the top (there was snow!!) so I was thankful I had packed a couple of extra blankets in our car. There are great hiking trails at the top of the mountain too! So, if you’re up for it, I’d definitely suggest ticking hiking Mount Mansfield off your Vermont bucket listI can never say no to visiting farm animals. These goats belonged to a local store owner and we were free to go and hang out with them for a bit. They didn’t have names though which kind of made me sad, hah!
The Dutch Pancake Café in Stowe was one of the most delicious breakfasts we had. I had the dutch pancake with apple slices, bourbon caramel and bacon and it sure satisfied any salty/sweet cravings I was having that morning!
Hanging out with the little boo at the top of Mount Mansfield.

The Country Store on Main had the cutest exterior.
Field Guide had the cutest, cozy cabin inspired lobby.
Our room at Field Guide. I loved coming back to this room every night!
Jamie and I also took a gondola ride up Mount Mansfield the day after we drove up the mountain (clearly, we couldn’t get enough). Jamie snuck this blanket into his backpack without me noticing and pulled it out when we got onto the gondola. I thought it was such a cute gesture and I told him that I felt like I was on The Bachelor minus the wine and awkward conversation haha. 

Our room at Field Guide led right out to the hot tub which I loved. While I couldn’t fully submerge myself (pregnant and all) I did stick my legs in for a bit and it felt soooo nice. 

Aside from having the most incredible apple cider, Cold Hollow also has a charming little restaurant that serves up delicious sandwiches complete with Vermont cheddar and tomato soup. Jamie also enjoyed an alcholic cider flight made at Cold Hollow that looked very good!

If you visit Stowe and don’t visit the Ben and Jerrys factory…did you even go to Stowe?

Finally, I wanted to give a huuuuge thank you to Mitsubishi who generously lent us their 2018 Eclipse Cross for our Trip to Vermont. From Toronto to Boston, multiple stops in Vermont and even up a mountain, the Eclipse Cross was an incredible companion.  we simply loved cruising around in this vehicle and felt so safe while doing so.

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