We Bought A House!

September 18, 2018

I’m back again with another HUGE announcement…and no we’re not having twins like a few of you guessed, haha! Though, admittedly, I did think that maybe we were at first since my sisters are twins and my belly seemed to pop relatively quickly. Our ultrasounds quickly cleared the twin theory up when I asked “are you sure there aren’t two in there!?” and I got a giggle from the technician and a solid “no“. 

Anyway, back to the house! I’m both thrilled and anxious about this decision because along with the house comes the realization that we’re moving back to Nova Scotia. We’ve lived in Toronto for over 8 years now, and so I definitely feel torn with our decision because I’ve come to regard both Toronto and Nova Scotia as our home. However, Jamie and I have talked about moving back to Nova Scotia for almost 2 years, and within the last year the search for a home became serious. We both knew we wanted to have a family some day and agreed that for us, Toronto was not the place we wanted to raise our children. Not that there’s anything wrong with raising children in Toronto because it’s truly a wonderful city. However, we both grew up in Nova Scotia and our families are there and so we felt a strong push to move back, especially within this last year…and so now it’s happening!

We were already looking to move home pre-baby news and had actually even put an offer in on what we thought was our dream home a few months ago. However, after doing rigorous inspections and realizing that the roof needed to be redone immediately and that there were high levels of radon (the second leading cause of lung cancer in Nova Scotia) in the house, we couldn’t justify paying for those things to be fixed. Unfortunately, the owners were unable to come down to compensate and we had to walk away. Needless to say, it was disappointing, but I truly believe everything works out for a reason and so I was completely at peace with our decision.

A few short weeks after the house fell through, we found out we were pregnant!!! So with that news and knowing that we’d back in Nova Scotia a couple of weeks after that, we set up viewing after viewing. While there were a few houses that we liked and even a couple we loved, a lot of them needed way to much structural work. This is something I’d be open to normally, but with a baby on the way, I wasn’t sure if it was the smartest idea. Just as I was starting to feel like we’d never find something that suited us, the house you see in the photo above popped up on the market.

I very distinctly remember Jamie coming downstairs to our bedroom at his dad’s house to show me the house and saying “what to do think about this?”. I looked at him disapprovingly and said “babe, please don’t show me houses we can’t afford” because it simply looked TOO nice and TOO perfect. Then, Jamie showed me that it in fact was a house we could afford and I think I jumped up and said “SET UP A VIEWING LIKE YESTERDAY”….So that’s what we did!

As soon as we drove up to the house I felt a strong connection to it. The outside reminded me of a farmhouse which I love and the property was huge. I tried so hard not to get my hopes up but with this house, I felt all of the good vibes. There was a front porch, a huge back deck a massive yard for our future bebe to run around in and that was just the outside. The house is 3100 square feet of everything I could have ever dreamed of and it’s 102 years old so there’s character seeping out of every orifice. Of course, with a 102 year old home, there are a few things we want to update and make our own, which makes me even more excited to get started! I don’t have any photos of the inside to share juuust yet but we will be moving back to Nova Scotia at the end of October and I promise, there will be lots of home tours and updates coming your way!

For now, we’re just SO excited about everything happening in our lives. Newly married, a baby on the way, a new home and just a whole lot of love sweet love. xo

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