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May 19, 2017

My favoruite (and apparently very floral) links from around the web this week…
1. Hoping to spot the floral bandit during our trip to New York this month (Vogue)
2. I have never been more obsessed with a pair of sunglasses (Krewe)
3. Rhubarb Ramos Gin Fizz (A Beautiful Mess)
4. I’ve seen floral ice cubes before, but these win because, lilacs (Jillian Harris)
5. 4 Ways Reading Makes You a Better Person (Real Simple)
6. 10 Weird Things About ‘Breakfast At Tiffany’s’ (Man Repeller) 
7. A pretty floral sticker DIY (Maritza Lisa)
8. The tile used for this outdoor patio is all of the goals (Emily Henderson)
9. Yet another summer dress that I don’t think I can live without (Aritzia)
10. A Romantic Early Summer Arrangement by Tinge Floral (Rip + Tan)
11. 4 Tips For How to Style a Beautiful Table (The School of Styling)
12. Your Best Bet to Getting Through Long Days at the Office (Create & Cultivate)

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