Your Best Bet to Getting Through Long Days at the Office


Long days. Long nights. It’s a routine inevitable in any job, and one many of us are used to. While we certainly don’t recommend doing it a lot (for your mental and physical health), sometimes, you gotta do what you gotta do.

For those inevitable moments when you have to pull long hours but still have to perform and stay on your game, there are five ways to help keep your mind and body fresh. 

1. Stay Hydrated

Yes, coffee is very appealing when pulling long hours (hello lovely Nespresso machine!) but coffee also dehydrates you, which makes your eyes tired... which, is the worst thing ever. Make sure to counterbalance any cup of coffee (or shot of espresso, amen) with a glass of water. It will also keep you fresh

2. Take A Walk

Long hours, often comes with long sitting spells. And if you haven’t heard to saying “sitting is the new smoking”. YIKES! We suggest taking a quick walk, preferably outside. Not only will this get your blood flowing and help you up your steps for the day, it will also clear your head and give you a mental breather. Sometimes, stepping away from the one thing you’ve been looking at ALL. DAY. is exactly what you need to reignite your inspiration!

3. Eat Up

We’ve all heard the term “brain foods,” but it’s not just a buzz phrase. There’s actually merit to the notion that certain foods can help you focus longer and harder. If you suspect that you’re going to have a late night in the near, plan ahead! Stock up on blueberries, avocados, nuts, seeds, and if you’re feeling really adventurous, some salmon (known for its Omega-3 fatty acids).

4. Practice a Little Self Care  

If you’re anything like us, you probably have the tendency to neglect yourself when stressed or slammed with certain assignments. But there are always some quick things you can do to zoosh your spirit and self. And your eyes are one of the first giveaways that you’re feeling tired. The perfect antidote for long hours? A buildable, lightweight eye cream that will keep your eyes looking and feeling fresh into the wee hours of the morning. Origins A Perfect World Age-Defense Eye Cream with SPF 20 will brighten the under eye area and will prevent premature signs of aging (damn you, computer screen), and will protect you from harmful UV rays. Just dab some on throughout the (seemingly endless) day to protect the delicate skin and look refreshed.

5. Wash Your Face and Moisturize

Seems simple, but splashing cold water on your face and dabbing an antioxidant-rich moisturizer on mid-day can feel like a cup of coffee for your skin. Origins A Perfect World SPF-40 Age Defense Moisturizer with White Tea is clinically proven to instantly boost hydration levels by over 60%. Super-charge your skin and then super-charge the rest of your day while protecting it from environmental stressors.

Have tips you feel like divulging? Share in the comments below!