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The Big Reveal...

The Finished Patio (with the tile!)


The patio is FINISHED and I’ve truly never been happier sitting in, staring at, and entertaining in a space. If you saw the post yesterday we styled it out with 100% Target, but then the next week (when the tile finally came in) we redid it and I styled it differently because House Beautiful.com picked up the story and I wanted it to feel more editorial and styled out.

When I looked at the photos from the first shoot I realized that the lemon/lime trees just did’t pop as much as I had wanted. Sure, if they were blooming and dripping with fruit that would be one thing, but they looked just green. So we are planting them in the garden (right now they are flanking the front door) and instead I went to the nursery and got these GORGEOUS climbing roses and flowering trees.

If you are a garden expert you’ll wonder why they aren’t trained to the wall, but just know that they will be tomorrow (we kinda rigged them for now).


We kept almost all the furniture Target, but switched out the dining chairs. Like I said yesterday that loveseat is extremely comfortable and is wiping up really easily, and that pouf is obviously a good one for multiple spaces. We brought a couple indoor pillows out (that black and white with tassels from Target, and my favorite round blush linen from Canvas home), and then I borrowed that stunning throw from Lost and Found LA.


The copper stool is more for indoor use and we haven’t left it in the rain yet, but I just love it out here so much so that is where it’s living for now. That copper is the perfect accent to all the blue/taupe/black and blush.


The day before the shoot I found this antique french marble table from Rolling Greens and realized that the patio was missing something old and special. I borrowed it for the shoot and then once it was here, I was like yah, thats not going back … It was $695 which is actually not a bad price, despite it being a lot of money. Returning it was going to cost $100 via messenger so I justified that it was really only $595 (my skills for rationalizing purchases is remarkable).


But I LOVE it and it’s super functional because we needed a table for food/buffet and drinks. We still have the bar cart but when people are over, we need a bit more counter space.


The lantern and pot are from Target, the cutting board and towel are from Dekor and the pink glasses from Lost and Found.


For the first shoot I used the 6 matching club chairs, but for this I switched them out for other Target chairs that I loved, too.


I felt like these black windsor chairs and the peacock chairs are in a way edgier and ‘cooler’ although I prefer the comfort of the club, so we have switched them back. I am keeping these black windsor chairs for dinner parties because they stack and are easy to store.


The peacock chairs technically aren’t outdoor chairs so I didn’t feel great about leaving them out all year, plus they didn’t look as good combined with the club chairs. I’m sure you’ll see the table, club chair, and tile combo in upcoming shoots.


Many of you commented on the wood bird, so lets address them now. I bought a pair of those at the Rose Bowl a few months ago. They were expensive ($650) but I knew that I wanted a heavy dose of whimsy somewhere out there (it’s my english granny talking). I texted Brian if we needed them (without the price, of course) and he was like ‘oh yea, those are awesome’. I did have a case of the ‘once in a lifetime’ which is a typical Flea market syndrome, and I knew that if I were to find these at a Garden store in LA they would be $1200 for the pair. So I pulled the trigger after getting them down to $600 (which somehow felt way more manageable at $300 a piece). The other one is on my front stoop, really setting the tone for who we are.


We styled out the table with some things that I already had (the pitcher/vase and lantern) and then added a few things to help it feel more lived in.


That copper shaker is from Nickey Kehoe, the runner is from Lost and Found, black and white blanket and wood beads from Target and the Galvanized tray from Rolling Greens. I ended up buying the blue glasses (that color!) from Lost and Found, the tray (outdoor trays are hard to find) and the candle holder from Potted.


That tile proves the point that if you splurge on one amazing high impact, overall thing (like tile or wallpaper) decorating the rest of the space is so easy and you can get pieces that are affordable and big box and it still looks special. I’ve always said that if it’s the right style for your house, wallpapering or adding one overall amazing pattern (or mural in my case) makes everything easier.


The bar cart played well on the other side of the room (where the bench was – which we moved down in the garden).


We styled it out with a basket from Heath, lanterns from Target, an antique vase, colander from Nickey Kehoe and lots of pretty bottles of wine.  How cute are those mushrooms?


Cheeseboard and pink glasses from Target, tiny little footed bowl from Foundry and the towel from Nickey Kehoe (which I had to buy because its so pretty).Emily-Henderson_House-Beautiful_Courtyard_Tile_Modern_English_Country_17

For the flowers I did a combination of plurge-worthy peonies (thank god it’s peonies season and they aren’t $15 a stem) and some wildflowers and sweet pea’s. I went with a soft color palette but then punched it up with some darker flowers.


All the pretty stone pots are from a nursery in pasadena called ‘Lincoln Avenue Nursery’ and it’s where I bought all the plants, too. I used a combination of those gorgeous climbing roses, and then some various shrubs and vines.


Eventually we want to put a built-in bbq at the end but for this summer we’ll probably either pull the bbq up here, or do it directly in the garden.


My friend Pete from Deluxe Plants did the garden (stay tuned on that) but we added some color with those pink flowers for this shoot.


There I am, looking as happy as can be in my new space. I hope you love it as much as we do. For more info on that tile head to this post, and to see it with 100% current Target product go here.

Huge thanks to Erik and Emily (styling assistants) for literally planting all those rose bushes and pots, as well as doing every single other thing around my house that is needed.

And always Tessa Neustadt for taking gorgeous photos. We had terrible light that day – dark and gloomy, with nary a dapple of sun to be seen. But she made it look happy and bright.


If you want to see the House Beautiful feature head on over to their site.

In case you want to see the patio in action, pre-tile, watch this:

And if you are interested in this look – here you go!


1. Pink Napkins | 2. Table Runner (similar) | 3. Rose Gold Flatware | 4. Wingback Chairs | 5. Dining Table | 6. Windsor Chairs | 7. Copper String Lights | 8. Black and White Striped Blanket | 9. Wooden Beaded Garland | 10. Tile | 11. Pink Square Pillow | 12. Black and White Tassel Pillow | 13. Pink Round Pillow | 14. Black and White Striped Lumbar Pillow | 15. Blue Water Glass | 16. Pink Tall Glass | 17. Metal Serving Tray (similar) | 18. Ceramic Colander | 19. White Pitcher (similar) | 20. Lantern Sconce | 21. Wine Glass | 22. Footed Pink Glass | 23. Ceramic Appetizer Plate (similar) | 24. Scalloped Small Plate (similar) | 25. Marble Top Small Table (similar) | 26. Footed Vase (similar) | 27. Lidded Vase | 28. Cement Mushrooms | 29. Round Cutting Board (similar) | 30. White Bowl (similar) | 31. Gray Stripe Table Cloth | 32. Gray and Cream Striped Napkin (similar) | 33. Copper Bottle | 34. Blue Turkish Hand Towel (similar) | 35. Marble and Wood Cheese Board | 36. Bar Cart | 37. Woven Basket (similar) | 38. Tall Copper Lantern | 39. Short Copper Lantern | 40. Black Planter (similar) | 41. Stone Urn Planter (similar) | 42. Loveseat | 43. Copper Side Table | 44. Blue and White Striped Blouse | 45. Blue Throw Blanket (similar) | 46. Woven Pouf | 47. White Jeans | 48. Sandals

**Photos By Tessa Neustadt

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  1. You have outdone yourself. So beautiful.

    1. Tremendous job. Love it.

  2. From the last overhead shot I really do think it looks like a courtyard 😉 And a beautiful one! It’s truly magical.

    1. HA. thank you!!

    2. I was thinking the same thing. The plants really help give it that effect. Emily, those tiles are amazing.

  3. Jumping up & down, while stomping my feet and hooting, “wooooohoooooo”!! This looks soooo beautiful and it’s yours, not a client’s. congratulations on everything:)

    1. Right?! I had a very similar reaction – so much excitement, I don’t know what to do with myself! LOL

      1. GAH. THank you, you guys. I love it so very, very much. xx

  4. So very lovely! Shoe question, if you don’t mind….do those sandals fit true to size? love ’em.

  5. I’m so obsessed with that tile!!!! it’s amazing!

  6. Well that’s gorgeous and I’m filing it away for when we can afford to do our back patio! How fun it must be to be out there in the evening.

  7. Yes yes yes!!! I’ve been stalking your blog all morning, waiting for this post! So incredibly obsessed with this space – I am legit buying 99% of what you’ve recommended to recreate this look on our own deck, which, by the way, is almost finished (yay!).

    I remember watching something on your Insta stories about the climbing roses and wanted to ask if maybe you had any tips for re-planting those babies. We recently discovered several humongous climbing rose bushes on our property, and I’m hoping to transplant a few to our pergola so they can wind themselves up the posts and ultimately the roof (so dreamy!).

    On a similar note, we’re hosting my (first) baby shower on our (almost) finished deck very, very soon, and I’m wondering if it’s possible to temporary pin a few of those climbing roses to the pergola like you did with the rose bushes to your wall without ruining the plants.

    Basically what I’m asking is this: PLEASE TELL ME EVERYTHING YOU LEARNED ABOUT THOSE CLIMBING ROSES! Haha But seriously…. Please?

    1. HA! I’m sure you can transplant but I’d hire someone who know what they are doing. And I’m sure there are a bunch of you-tube videos on pinning them to the pergola. We shot this the day after we planted them, now a couple of them are in shock – EEK – and I and my gardener are tending to them but nervous…. I’m sure it will be fine, but those ladies are VERY delicate 🙂 Good luck!! i’m also doing a baby shower out here in a month and very excited to show it off – IF THOSE ROSES DON’T DIE FIRST!!!

      1. I found a great link for roses in containers.

        In general I like usually only put annuals or cannas in containers as it freezes here in the winter. I had a tree form rose once on my balcony. It was beautiful, but died in the winter even when I brought it inside. I think most gardeners replace their container plants regularly due to the fact that they like seasonal interest. So when the roses start looking bad, I would plant in the ground. Then I would buy something else for the containers.

      2. Just tie on some good fake roses for the baby shower if the real ones don’t make it.

  8. Thank your ir including your fit cuz you girl, look stunning!!!!

    You have mentioned a hair/makeup tutorial. I’m still holding my breath fir that one. I’d love to learn more!

  9. I love this space!

  10. This is really awesome, but honestly, I prefer the Target shoot over this. I do love the new tile thought. 🙂 Great job Emily!

  11. That tile is EVERYTHING. (And I hate when people say something is ‘everything’. Lol.)

    1. I feel the same way and was gonna write the same thing! I kept looking at the stair transitions too because they did such a good job with it. Looks incredible!!

      1. I noticed that too!

  12. gahh! your garden and patio is just straight up DREAMY! I wish we could live outdoors like that for more than a week or 2 in Missouri!

  13. LOVE! and that giant stone bird is the bee’s knees!

  14. Oh so lucky, you can open all your windows completely…. I relocated from Europe to the States recently and, it may sound ridiculous, but I miss that so much (I have those vertical windows, so unpractical to clean), as well as real, non decorative, shutters…. You new place is gorgeous!!

  15. How did you hang the copper string lights on along your house and the railings? I would love to know because I have a similar setting and would love to do this!! Thanks!! Beautiful space, I have been looking forward to this post!

    1. I’ve done something similar to what Emily did and here’s how I did it: on the house, I had gutters to work with, so I used gutter clips (like you’d buy for hanging holiday lights) and zip ties (the same color as the railing) to attach the lights to the railing.

      1. YEP. 3m clips to wood then zip ties. We have wood under our gutters so we attached it to them. Super easy. xx

    2. In one of the videos or pictures It looked like they used black zip ties to attach to the railing. I’ll have to watch the video again for the house connections. There are some Christmas light hangers that may be able to work or use screw in hooks made for outside use, like stainless steel.

  16. I need to become your friend so I can have a glass of rosé in there. Just LOVELY.

  17. It’s truly a magical spot to dine and visit with friends and family. Lynne

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  19. Now I see why you bought that house. What a gorgeous patio and yard….that you made extraordinary! I would move my bed outside and live there. Enjoy.

  20. I want to hang out on that patio/deck/courtyard/veranda and drink rose with my feet up! One question though, what’s the point of the wooden beads on the chair? You’d have to remove them to sit there comfortably…I guess I just don’t understand them or why they exist. They clutter up an otherwise beautiful table.

    1. Pretty, but I too am confused by the beads, they seem forced and awkward…. Just odd.

    2. Hands down those beads were my favorite part of the pictorial — already bought a strand! So many of us like to “fidget”; I know I, unfortunately, tend unknowingly to pull at my cuticles. A girlfriend of mine carries a handful of dice for herself to use as a fidget, while everyone who enters our house (it seems) is drawn to the soft silicone squeeze puffer fish toy, absentmindedly squeezing / pulling on its “spikes.” And so on. We all have Sensory tells.

      When I saw that garland I (literally immediately) thought “outside fidget!” A few of our outside pillows have tassels, tassels = fidgets, but those are over on our (outside) sofas and armchairs, so this will be an awesome (and welcome) addition to one of our (outside) dining tables.

      While I was on the Target site ordering the wood beads I saw a stoneware fish garland and ordered it, too. While it might not be the ideal fidget on our front patio our summer pillows are all fish inspired. Well, most of them. My youngest child loves looking at fish and when he could speak his favorite word to say was “sakana”, which is “fish” in Japanese. Plus my husband is Japanese so there’s just a lot of fish-love going on chez nous (though we’re veg so we don’t eat them). Last year at Target they had a bunch of fish themed pillows at *amazing* prices, plus I made pillows out of some shibori and sashiko I’d made, and then another pillow from gyotaku my eldest had made. (Gyotaku is when you use a real fish to make the actual print — absolutely dynamic.)

      Anyway, LOVE those wood beads. Love them! Love a fidget. And love the fish garland which will make a terrific addition to our front patio set-up.

  21. Beautiful space. Exactly what I want to add to my house. I’m curious if the tile is slippery when wet. This is my main hesitation with tile for outdoor spaces. If you could let me know, that would be SO great.

    1. Its a little bit, but way less than a glossy finished tile. Cement tile is porous so it is way less slippery (I think) than others. But I suppose everything is a little slippery when wet ..

  22. What about that amazing stone statue?!

  23. GGGGGGIIIIIIIIIIIRRRRRRRLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!! this is unreal. is this actually still in l.a.? or did you full on move to provence?!?!?! <3 <3 <3

  24. Your instincts were so spot-on with that tile. It looks so amazing and so California.

  25. Love it all! I thought the bird was concrete when I first saw it. Any idea what color your stucco would be if it were a paint swatch? I really like how it looks with your brown roof.

  26. Beautiful, all around lovely. I have to say, i think that window on your second story up above the french doors is just DYING for a windowbox. With cascading plants down to fill that space between the top of the doors and the bottom of the window. Talk about English cottage charm!!

    1. OH that’s a GREAT idea. Will get on it asap. xx

  27. I’m going to stare at this ALL day. LOVE everything 🙂

  28. Bravo, that is all I will say, bravo!

  29. this is absolutely incredible!!! the tile is BEYOND. what a perfect space for your family and entertaining. I can’t wait until the post about the landscaping. 🤗

    we are redoing our exterior right now, painting cedar shingles white and doing copper lights, what color are your gutters? copper ones are an arm and a leg (and bc of our low roof we need to go all the way around) so we’re trying to find a nice aluminum color, and a dark bronze seems like it could be pretty but having a hard time pulling the trigger!

    1. I think ours is light a dark brown if you can believe it, but it totally goes away and I don’t even notice it. I didn’t want to put them on because, well, who wants gutters and who wants to pay for gutters, but once they went on i didnt’ notice them. So get whatever color you think would ‘go away’ the most.

  30. Great tile but it seems like this furniture is placed poorly; there’s no conversation area. I’d flip the table around the other way and have an area for conversation, not just a settee awkwardly pointing out of the area. Seems like a waste to not take advantage of a good amount of space.

    1. AGREED! Theres really only room for two with that arrangement, and sitting right next to someone during a visit is too weird. Why stare at the stairs when you could enjoy the actual patio space?

    2. I think the settee faces that direction so you can see the people/kids who are in the yard.

      1. Yep. It’s the best layout for us and we love sitting there and staring at the garden/kiddos 🙂 There are other conversation areas in the garden for larger groups, plus mostly we just sit around that table (but in the comfortable chairs from yesterdays post).

  31. It’s a goregous space with the tile and styling. Can you tell me where you got the silverware that looks copper?

    1. Target 🙂 I believe its linked up there. xx

  32. It’s just gorgeous. I love the tile. Do you think the grout will stay white?

  33. So beautiful!!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    Question: Have you had any issues with the target outdoor furniture leaking rust??? I’m in need of new stuff, but my last target purchases leaked TONS of rust all over my patio after it rained!

    1. This is what I wanna know! I rushed to order those black chairs from Target yesterday, but half of the reviews say that they’re rusted after one rain!

      1. Oh, I haven’t had them out in the rain so i’m not sure. for $40 they are so good, but I suppose you could try one first?

        1. Ya they are great chairs but they leak a ton of rust! We ended up getting some black silicone and added a bead around the entire seat where there is a gap. You can hardly see the silicone but at least they won’t leak rust all over now! Also – I would have returned them but we drove to the states to get them and we brought them back to Canada.

          1. THANK YOU! I’ve been googling around trying to find a way to make these chairs work minus the rust. The comments on this blog are always crazy helpful to me.

          2. Liz: I’m having the same problem and was thinking silicon too. It has reduced the problem for sure, but not resolved it. What did you do specifically? Did you do it on top or flip the chairs over? How has it worked so far for you? I love these chairs, but I would love them more if this was no longer a problem!

        2. Sadly, yes, the rust is terrible after only one rain. I bought the bench and it seems to pool the water within the base of the seat. We had to move the bench last week and it dripped rust water all over our paver stones…….it stained our stone, so Emily please be careful with your gorgeous tile!

  34. I don’t understand, it’s SO pretty but none of it looks water proof.

    1. It is – as much as anything can be outside. like should you leave those cushions during 4 months of rain, no. But its sunbrella fabric, with outdoor foam and the wood table is treated/manufactured in a way that it is totally waterproof. The pillows and accessories I would bring in, but it doesn’t rain so much here.

  35. Gorgeous!

  36. I don’t think there could be a more perfect patio ever!!! Absolutely gorgeous!!!!! And that tile is beyond. Amazing. To. Die. For.

    I am also in LOVE and have major envy for those big ol’ birds! If you’re ever done with one (how could you be?!) and looking for a new home, my home would be the most wooden-bird-friendly ever!!!!

  37. Pretty close to perfection and those birds!!!

  38. This patio is so gorgeous, it makes me angry. Because I want to have it and I can’t. Wah! (Seriously, though, it’s AMAZING. Congrats!)

  39. Stunning! Love the tile, love the bird, and I really like the Peacock chairs for some reason!

  40. This is beyond beautiful. I can’t stop staring at these photos!!! What a fantastic tile pattern. The colors are spot on. It’s just too much. I’m in love.

  41. I want to pull out the fig tree and plant it at my house…..LOVE those things. This design is, as always, stunning.

  42. Could you please do a garden design post ASAP (preferably with planting plans)? I LOVE all the the foliage colors and textures!

    1. We are working on it! It’s taking a while to pull together and we are trying to shoot on friday (but have some weather issues and some last minute boulder moving to do). So stay tuned. Right now I have it scheduled for the last week of May … xx

      1. last minute boulder moving. that’s not something you hear every day! 🙂

      2. Yes please on the landscape photos and plans, doing ours RN would love to see!

  43. This is probably my favorite thing you have ever done. It is fabulous! I really can’t find one thing that I would change. I’d absolutely love to hang out there…such great atmosphere!!

  44. I know you live in LA, but if I didn’t know that, I would have thought these photos were from some sort of Italian villa. Beautiful all around.

  45. Question: Where do you keep your pillows/cushions etc., when it rains? I’m considering buying a deck box for my deck but everything I find is so….ugly…

  46. Your new home is soooooo beautiful!!! It looks like you live in the English countryside with all that green! Everything is just stunning.

  47. Your patio is SPECTACULAR! I love that tile!!

  48. Lovely space, Emily. My advice about a built in BBQ : don’t put it up on the patio! It gets dirty , smoke goes in your guests faces, and it’s permanent , no moving it out of the way. And, when they break down it’s difficult to replace a news unit with the dimensions of the old one. You are better off putting the grill below . Trust me on this…

    1. OOH, that is interesting advice. We don’t really want to. We’ll see how this summer goes and how often we grill and then reasess, but I appreciate that advice, for sure.

  49. This is a stunning space. My favorite space you have designed in a long time. I love that you showed it with some of the more one of a kind pieces in addition to the almost all Target pieces. Target is making some great things but that version did feel a little generic to me. This shows that just adding a few special pieces makes a big difference. Congratulations on a really beautiful patio that I hope you and your family will enjoy for years to come.

  50. I love this space so much I can’t even stand it. I would live out there. Beautiful work, as usual.

  51. Oh it’s just so lovely. I love it. Has such a nice old/pretty feel to it.

    Do you think you’ll add an umbrella down the line for some shade?

    1. We did, actually! It’s in yesterdays post and in the video. We use it during the day on the weekends for sure, but it shoots prettier without it (that pole just looks weird is so many shots). Thank you!

  52. Wow this is absolutely stunning!! Convinced me that we need to tile our patio as well

  53. What a beautiful beautiful home you have! I love that ‘little secret garden’ you’ve made of your porch. Totally gorgeous. Enjoy every minute in it!


  54. Agree with the comment about the beads…just too styled and no function. Also, pretty sure you meant “splurge-worthy”. Otherwise a very pretty space. I like it with or without the tile!

  55. Amazing! Love all that you do!

  56. I love this transformation and the styling. My only hope is that you are finding time to invite people over and use the space. From reading your blog, your husband is doing the play and you are working all day, etc…Please invite friends over for pizza and salad and serve it to them on the great place settings if anything!!!! Befriend someone like Ina Garten so you can do the place settings and she brings over the food. Heck–invite other moms over and serve them yogurt cups and the kids boxed macaroni and cheese but hang out on your patio and it will be divine!

  57. make me want motif tile even
    more.. but its sooo expensive.. 😓

  58. Cute toddlers, awesome courtyard.

    But that bird! I love it, thanks for giving us the background story. The rest is all very stunning to, especially those tiles and the cute copper lights. And that garden is looking super lush already!

  59. Please put the grill off the patio. We had a church use our lake for a baptism and a cookout afterwards. We were not home. We did leave the windows open and the smoke from the grill went into the house and set off the fire alarm. We eventually got home and turned it off. We now run around and close the windows upstairs before we grill anything.

  60. SO good! And I love that you threw your outfit in the “get the look”. You’re the best.

  61. Every time I see this patio I feel like there should be pergola above it.

  62. I’m so bad at commenting but I could not leave this post without saying “you’ve outdone yourself!!” This patio is just so incredibly gorgeous and is so you!! That tile is everything. This will surely go down In the history books! Bravo!

  63. I can’t get over those potted climbing roses. I’ve never even seen potted roses. Like ones meant to stay in a pot. The garden design is beautiful. I’ve done so much gardening and spent a lot of $$ and my garden still doesn’t look half that good. I could barely move, from pain, last sunday from all the gardening. They did a wonderful job. Gardening is a tone of work.

  64. I love the tile. And the pink flowers with it. The french table is so good. Love that! And the bird(s). Very very pretty.

    Thank you for linking those sandals…I had my eyes on your feet every photo they appeared. Haha.

  65. I’m so happy for you!! Your house is looking great. I also like the new style of your home better, to me it feels cozier. Thanks and keep sharing!!

  66. LOOOOVE that tile!!! So worth the extra expenditure! The whole space is so lovely and inviting, with a real “stay a while” vibe.


  67. Beautiful. Can you share source for grey planter next to dining table?

  68. Gorgeous!!!! Beware of those black windsor chairs. As soon as they get wet you’ll have a puddle of rust underneath and I’d hate for your beautiful tile to get ruined. I bought 4 for our brand new patio and they destroyed my brand new outdoor rug. I just looked at the reviews on Target and SO many people say the same thing. I love the look of them, but just wanted to warn you that when they get wet they’ll drip rust from the holes in the underneath of the chair.

    Love love your space!

  69. Wow, this patio is really stunning! Those tiles are awesome and that loveseat is perfect… beautiful space to relax and/or hang out this Summer.
    Anna From Italy

  70. This is amazing. I can not stop looking at these pictures !!!
    Suppose I have an outside room like ,, it looks like I’ll feel at home.

  71. I couldn’t picture what the tile was going to look like originally, but it turned out so good!


  72. I love your exterior trim colors around your windows and doors! What are the colors?

  73. Wow! Can we talk about the texture of your walls? That plus the tile makes it so you could’ve put almost anything in that space and it would’ve looked unbelievable. I can’t believe the impact of all the plants and the copper accents. Seriously, well done.

  74. Love following all of the changes. Would you ever consider painting the exterior door/window trim in black? Or would that not look right with the house?

  75. The plants chosen for the patio and in front of the patio look fantastic. What a great mix! Would you mind sharing a list of plants that were chosen? I really love the container plants with the red bursts as well as the tree in front of the patio. It’s such a great mix of English garden and rustic wild.

  76. It is so wonderful! That tile is everything. I’m in love! Also…I sit here reading this (under my napping toddler) and feeling insanely envious because my own backyard (my husband and I bought our first house 2 years ago…and it’s very much a starter home for a young family with only one employed parent) is a hot mess. It is so much better than when we moved in, but is still pretty bad. So much needs to be done, it’s overwhelming! AND feels impossible when we have no money for it whatsoever.

    I’m glad your home truly makes you happy-don’t ever take it for granted! it is truly gorgeous. (and they you are gorgeous too just makes me even more envious! Definitely feeling sorry for myself now! ;))

  77. I am dying for that tile! But the link takes me to a different style/color and I don’t see yours anywhere on the site. Is it still available??? Please!?

  78. I think you should make an amendment to your post. The Threshold chairs are HORRIBLE. I ordered them because of your post, and after one rain storm, they not only oozed rust out of them, but permanently stained my deck. I think you should warn all your readers not to purchase.

    Other than that….love all your posts.

  79. Many of you commented on the wood bird, so lets address them now. I bought a pair of those at the Rose Bowl a few months ago. They were expensive ($650) but I knew that I wanted a heavy dose of whimsy somewhere out there (it’s my english granny talking). I texted Brian if we needed them (without the price, of course) and he was like ‘oh yea, those are awesome’. I did have a case of the ‘once in a lifetime’ which is a typical Flea market syndrome, and I knew that if I were to find these at a Garden store in LA they would be $1200 for the pair. So I pulled the trigger after getting them down to $600 (which somehow felt way more manageable at $300 a piece). The other one is on my front stoop, really setting the tone for who we are.

  80. This is seriously amazing! It looks so magical. Congrats on your new house and patio!

  81. Sweet pea’s? What’s with the apostrophe?!

  82. It’s just gorgeous. I love the tile. Do you think the grout will stay white?

  83. Seeing the patio without the tile, it’s just meh. I like it but no sizzle. The patio WITH the tile is magnificent! That patio (with tile) is enough reason to buy this house all by itself; it’s that good. Love everything. And love your ability to rationalize your purchases.

    It was meant to look like this.

  84. The tile and the roses in these photos are absolutely gorgeous!

    But growing roses in a container is a LOT OF WORK and difficult. Roses generate TONS of dead leaves and dead flowers that need to be cleaned up every day on a deck or patio. Ideally, you deadhead the fading flowers by cutting them off with a sharp clean pruner at just the right spot on the cane, at an angle above a set of 5 leaves. Remove any dying leaves. Roses grow new leaves and shed old ones nearly EVERY DAY. I had 7 roses in pots on my deck in coastal Orange County, and spent about 45 minutes a day tending them in spring and summer when they were growing fast. Also, even in coastal OC which is much cooler than a lot of LA, they needed to be watered TWICE A DAY. I set up auto watering with a drip system with skinny beige tubing that can be hidden nicely, Roses also need tons of fertilizer, which leaches out of containers rapidly. I tried every possible approach, but what worked best was Osmocote complete (with all 13 nutrients) time-release formula which would last for a couple months. The soil in the pots also really needs to be changed out every year — a horrible, messy, back-breaking chore. And, fungal diseases and insects constantly plagued them. Anti-fungal spray or soil drench worked, but after I had a child, there was no way I was going to use those toxins in our environment. Also, once I had a child, there was no way I was going to spend all that time taking care of roses instead of him. And, I was constantly telling him to stay away from the thorns. So, I finally sold my potted roses on Craigslist. They are much easier to grow in the ground, where you can let the dead leaves and petals blend into the mulch below, and where the ground soil holds water and nutrients much more effectively.

    So, if you don’t want to be a slave to potted plants on your deck, I recommend something other than roses. Like succulents. I am thinking of trying trumpet vines next, which grow great in the nearby landscape. But, if they drop a lot of leaves, like the roses, I will kick them to the curb too.

  85. Love this! What is the name of color painted on your home? It looks great!!

  86. How did you hang the copper string lights on along your house and the railings? I would love to know because I have a similar setting and would love to do this!! Thanks!! Beautiful space, I have been looking forward to this post!

  87. When I looked at the photos from the first shoot I realized that the lemon/lime trees just did’t pop as much as I had wanted. Sure, if they were blooming and dripping with fruit that would be one thing, but they looked just green. So we are planting them in the garden (right now they are flanking the front door) and instead I went to the nursery and got these GORGEOUS climbing roses and flowering trees.