How To Stay Motivated … When Your Mind is on Vacation Mode

July 13, 2017

The latest installment from Blare June

As much as I miss a two-month-long summer break, the days of grade school have since passed. As I scroll my social media feed daily, it appears that everyone is either on vacation or is enjoying a specific summer activity (sailing, beaching, boozing). Although I know I am not alone, it is often hard to stay motivated at work when your mind is constantly on vacation mode. Whether or not you work at a 9 to 5 or are self-employed, staying motivated when the sun is beaming and the ocean is calling your name is quite the challenge. As much as I would like to skip out of work early or plan an upcoming BBQ during work hours, staying on track and motivated isn’t only beneficial…it’s required.

Below are 3 simple ways that help me stay motivated at work all summer long.

Reality Check

As much as it may appear that everyone is off work and enjoying the season, it couldn’t be further from the truth. For all of us with employment (self-employed or hired), there are tasks that need to be completed in order to maintain our jobs. Although our social media feeds may tell us differently…is it just me, or does everyone appear to be enjoying the sun at 2 pm on a Wednesday? Reality check… the majority of the time photos posted in the week have been taken the weekend prior and your favourite beach babe is grinding at the office just like you!

Summer Nights

As a self-proclaimed beach bum, there is nothing like a summer day. However, since working full time and having responsibilities and commitments, I have learned to enjoy the summer nights. When you finish up work at 5 pm, plan to have a BBQ, ice cream date or patio drinks with your besties and savor the warm nights together. Even if you sneak away for an hour or so in the evening, being outside with friends will make memories that you can later reflect in the new year.

Your Time Will Come

Although it may appear that everyone is taking a two-month hiatus from their office job, the reality is that some (not all) are taking a one to two-week break all season long. Every position has different requirements and protocols but if possible, plan a few days off in the summer. It’s the perfect way to get your dose of those lusted after summer plans. In the evenings after work, you can spend your down time looking up activities that you plan to fill your upcoming days off with. There is something to be said about planning ahead and having something to look forward to.

Regardless if you have an upcoming leave from work or are solely restricted to summer nights and weekends, you are in control of how you spend your time. The saying Work Hard, Play Hard could not be truer during the summer months. The more you stay focused at work during work hours (by avoiding the false belief that everyone else is out gallivanting in the sun), the more you will enjoy your time off and live your life to the fullest. Happy Summer!

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