Horseback Riding in the Fall

September 28, 2016

I very distinctly remember my first horseback riding experience.

I was around eleven years old and my best friend at the time took us to a local farm to go horseback riding for her birthday. In theory it sounded like the coolest idea ever but in reality (for me anyway) it was not. As soon as I got up on the horse I had a bit of a meltdown. We’re talking red-in-the-face screaming and I’m pretty sure there were a few tears shed. I probably ruined my poor friends birthday but eventually I did collect myself and was able to go on the ride. Flash forward a year later and I begged my mom to take me horseback riding for my birthday too.

It has been years since the thought of horseback riding has crossed my mind, but when Simple Skincare approached me about heading out on an adventure to #TestTheWater, horseback riding was the first thing that popped into my mind. Horseback riding in Ontario in the fall sounded like the perfect way to spend an afternoon, so last Wednesday Jamie and I hopped in the car and drove about an hour and a half outside of the city to Niagara. The farm that we ended up choosing housed almost 50 horses which was an incredible sight to see. We also booked a private tour where we were treated to a customized ride that included the most scenic trail and views of Lake Erie. We were even able to ride along the beach and walk into the water with our horses, which was probably the most memorable experience of the day.

Once we were at the mid-way point of our horseback ride, we sat down to a romantic private picnic. We situated ourselves on a cliff overlooking the quarry from Lake Erie. It was truly an incredible experience and one that I will not soon forget. After we finished our lunch, which included fresh fruit and veggies, cheese and crackers and some sparking grape juice…sans alcohol (safety first, folks) we cleaned up using the Simple Skincare Micellar wipes. I usually use the wipes for my face (more on that later) but they worked out extremely well in this situation for a quick clean up.

After our picnic we headed back through the trail with our horses (my horses name was Daytona) and made our way back to the farm. We had such an amazing, albeit long day that included lots of car time and admittedly by the time we arrived home I was feeling pretty gross and exhausted. As soon as I stepped through the door and after giving Milo some love I headed directly upstairs to remove my makeup and wash my face.

Before cleansing I always use Simple Skincare Micellar wipes because they gently remove all of the makeup and debris that my skin has collected during the day (especially this particular day). The wipes never ever irritate my sensitive skin, which is so important considering my skin is red and irritated 99% of the time. Dermatologist tested, non-comedogenic, and hypoallergenic Simple Skincare wipes are also packed with the purest, skin-loving ingredients and multi vitamins that make my skin feel instantly hydrated and refreshed after every use. For me, It’s so crucial to use skincare products that not only work wonders but ones that I know I can trust, and Simple Skincare has become such an integral part of my makeup removing routine.

We had such a great time experiencing horseback riding in Ontario and though I have gone horseback riding before it had been forever so it was nice to try something a bit out of my comfort zone. 
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Simple Micellar Makeup Remover Wipes are available at drug, mass and grocery stores nationwide. Suggested retail price/size: $7.97-10.99 (25 wipes)

Thank you to Simple Skincare for sponsoring this post, all opinions are my own.

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