Etsy Field Trip

September 27, 2016

Press events aren’t something that I’d ever intended to cover here on the blog and still aren’t something that I write about frequently (the last time was here).

But when Etsy invites you on a field trip to a secret location for the day, bringing my camera + extra batteries was the first thing on my to-pack list. Etsy has been a company that I’ve long admired for the mere fact that anyone can sell on the platform, making it such an incredible tool for creatives to share and sell their work. I love that I can find anything and everything on Etsy including but not limited to home decor, bath and body, vintage finds and sooo much more. Needless to say with such an incredibly diverse and creative company I knew that hopping on a school bus to anywhere would make for a very memorable trip. Keep reading to see where Etsy took myself and some other talented local bloggers for the day to become immersed in all things Etsy.
I arrived at The Drake Hotel bright and early last Tuesday to a big yellow school bus awaiting me. I hopped on the bus and was immediately greeted with a care package that included an apple (how kindergarden-esque), water and an itinerary for the day. Our itinerary looked pretty impressive which I will get into later but I finally found out that we were heading to Belcroft Estates which by the sounds of it was going to be beautiful. During our ride we played trivia and a game where we each received a question like “what was your most memorable part of summer” and had to answer them in a fun, creative way.
When the school bus pulled up to Belcroft Estates I was overjoyed. I love me a beautiful farm and Belcroft estates was completely dreamy. The group of us stepped off the bus and walked towards what looks like a picnic set up for breakfast. Once we arrived we found the cutest set up of blankets, pillows and picnic baskets full of yogurt parfaits, Kitten and the Bear jam and scones and even mimosas. We all sat under the beautiful weeping willow for a while until we headed to our next activity.
{The prettiest set up for our breakfast complete with the best Kitten and the Bear jam + scones (the I also incidentally had that past weekend…whoops!}
{Melissa matching the beautiful blooms that we were gifted from Minim Designs.}
After breakfast we walked over to an event tent that was set up for a woodworking class. I was so busy creating my DIY that I forgot to snap photos but if you follow my blog/Instagram you would have seen the mirror I made with the very talented duo JBplusDG last week. While I worked on my mirror I kept hydrated with the delicious TAXI  juice from Dose which is a blend of pineapple, apple, lime and mint and it was SOOO good!
Once our mirrors were complete, us blogger pals formed 4 groups of 3 (I was with Gaby and Natalie) and headed on a scavenger hunt. I haven’t done a scavenger hunt (except for Easter eggs) since I was a kid and the whole experience felt very nostalgic. By the end of the hunt we were sure we had won but we didn’t get our Canon photos printed quickly enough! Oh well, it was a ton of fun anyway. 
The scavenger hunt had us all feeling pretty hungry by the end of it and luckily the last stop of the hunt lead us through a secret garden to the most beautiful lunch set up.
{Blooms by Minim Designs.}
I’m pretty sure that a table setting can’t get much dreamier than this (a ceiling of floating roses!?). Etsy truly went all out for this lunch and we were all very thankful for the delicious food after running around for clues. 
The last stop of the day had me sooo excited because it was with Julie from Province Apothecary. I’ve featured this line many times on the blog so to be able to listen to Julie chat about the Province Apothecary brand and her passion for all natural skincare was inspiring. I also had the chance to create my own blend of essential oils which was such a fun experience. 
 etsy-field-trip-14 etsy-field-trip-15

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